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North Of Superior


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I will be taking some time this summer on the north shore of Lake Superior in the Rossport area (N48 50.040 W87 31.180). Rossport is the gateway to an offshore archipelago which is in the process of being designated a National Marine Conservation Area. This is a largely unpopulated and pristine area that nevertheless sits immediately adjacent to the Trans-Canada Highway. The Google satellite map overview of this area gives a good idea of the geography.


As a newbie to geocaching, but a long time summer resident of this area and experienced GPS user, (first marine unit in 1993), I immediately thought what a wonderful place this would be to establish a series of caches spread out over the island chain.


Obviously one would need a kayak, canoe or larger powered vessel to search the area, but kayaking has become a big deal in these waters with lots of rental boats available and an international symposium at the end of June that draws a lot of participants. Link to: http://www.nwconx.net/~dtamblyn/index.htm


Having formulated the above concept, I then searched for existing nearby caches on the mainland. GCK3JY, established last summer right on the Trans Canada shows total of only 4 visits. GC36FF, the next nearest, has had only 5 logged visits in more than 3 years.


Therefore the burning question. Am I wasting my time? Since there would be more than the usual amount of effort involved in establishing caches in the archipelago, I am seeking opinions from any Forum members as to potential interest.


I look forward to any feedback.



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Hey I lived in Rossport for about 10 years and I can say i miss the fishing and the islands along with my friends. To answer your question, I wouldn't expect a high volume of cachers out that way but I could be wrong. Does it really matter if only a few find your cache(s)? Guess it depends on how many traveling cachers there are.

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Just go for it. The less people who have found the cache the better.. People out west here trample allover the place ansd after while the ground surrounding the cache has traile leading right up to it. The other thing is that people put crappy little trinkets in the caches such as McDonalds toys. Hell I even saw a cahe that the freaking owner didnt ever look at again because when I found it it was full of what I think was water althought it was yellow water.

Some people think quantity over quality is the rule. They think that its a status symbol to have many cache finds next to their name.They are so wrong. It really goes to peoples heads. Ask th eprevious person who replied here I see that he is from the west coast too and he knows I am sure.

Just go do it and have fun.While you are at it paddle out to an Island named Cobinosh.You'll love it there. Greta camping and fishing too.

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Kermode wrote:

.  People out west here trample allover the place ansd after while the ground surrounding the cache has traile leading right up to it. .


There is some truth to this. Unfortunately MOST of the many westcoast cachers actually leave footprints behind when they walk, especially on snow. That's MOST


.Hell I even saw a cahe that the freaking owner didnt ever look at again because when I found it it was full of what I think was water althought it was yellow water.


Ummm . . . errrr. . . actually, that cache was left especially for you, a special gift from all your new caching community friends. Strange you didn't mention the "Oh Henry" bar. ;)


. Greta camping and fishing too.


Word has it. Geta hate camping too!

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Sorry about that cache-tech, I just don't like being accused of not maintaining my caches, as a matter of fact I'm on my way to maintain one now.


Rockmeister, I'll tell you where there's a cabin on one of the islands that would make a great spot for a cache if you want to email me, maybe you already know about it. There's a logbook and room to sllep four. A couple of bubbies and I did work on it a few years back and it an awesome place, use to stay there lots during hunting season.

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Oh I dont think eroyd peed on your cache. It appeared to be stagnant water but if he did in fact leave an oh henry bar it was after my visit and you should talk to him about that.

This is not on topic of this thread and is baiting. Please stop, there will be no other warning given.

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Your post re Cobinosh. Have been there many times and you're right, its awesome. The island was bought last year by a family from Minnesota who also bought property on Nicol Island so that they could build a cabin as a base to get out to Cobinosh. They paddled to Cobinosh last fall and camped out for a couple of nights. It's pretty windswept, so this ain't for the faint of heart. I also have a place on Nicol Island (seasonal), so when I next see the new owners of Cobinosh I will endeavour to get their permission to establish a cache out there.


I was in the area this past weekend, opening up my own camp, and got an opportunity to seek out GCK3JY. An easy find, fascinating piece of road. I was with a guy who used to drive trucks loaded with fresh fish up and down this road fifty years ago, before the Trans-Canada highway went in. A ten percent grade with big stone walls to keep vehicles from falling into the gorges below.


Was all set to head out in the boat and establish my first cache on Wilson Island on Sunday afternoon when the snow and sleet started coming in sideways. Settled for watching Jeff Gordon win at Talledega on the satellite.


Back in two weeks, with caches to come on Wilson and Quarry Islands.

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