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Pda/gps Combo

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I was initially researching GPS devices to use one with my topo maps, when I hike. I discovered this Geocaching world!!

I have noticed that in the talk, everyone seems to be all about paperless with separate PDA and GPS devices. Is it possible, or is anybody using, PDA/GPA combo devices as Mitac Mio 168, or Navman PiN or PDA wireless technology as Palm or PocketPC with Bluetooth or TomTom? I prefer Macs, so I guess that would mean a Palm for me. I tried an old Palm Vx with Magellan GMS Companion and that has not worked. So what should I get? Should I stick with the separate and get something like a Garmin GPSMAP 60CS and a Palm Zire PDA? Is there a better combo? I would appreciate imput, thanks.

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There are advocates here of the GPS/PDA combo, and my impression is that the memory/computing power of the PDA can enhance the map display and routing capabilities otherwise available on GPS only. However, as someone who used to have a Delorme Earthmate tethered to my Palm Pilot, the connecting cable made things a real PITA. Bluetooth might work ok, but battery life on the PDA could remain a limitation.

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I use a Palm T3 connected to a Garmin Legend, but they're only connected in the car for driving directions with Mapopolis. When I get to the parking area, they get disconnected and I carry the Legend by itself. The Palm goes in my pocket until I need to see the cache information. Trying to walk through the briars and brambles with 2 pieces of electronic equipment in your hands with a cable between them is not a good idea, especially if one of them is fragile. Even if they're both sturdy, it's still not a good idea. You don't need the maps and other bells and whistles in the woods anyway, just a distance and direction to a cache. But a non-displaying GPS won't give you even that.

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I have an older Palm M500, in a hard metal case, and a Garmin Vista . . . in its neoprene cover.


I have fallen down three times now. My Garmin Vista has been protected each time. The Palm has been in my fanny pack in its hard case, so it has also been okay.


I think having the two separate is a better, more economical, way to go. :o

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I have an iPAQ3600 with a navman3450 sleeve, I use Memory Map software and maps for my Topo ploting and Grocaching trips. I can't imagine being without it. It brings me within 2 feet of a cache. I also have the standard trip software that comes with the sleave for on the road navagation. Why would you want anything else? The combo does it all, and them some, even talks to you. Throw away those other machines and get yourself an iPAQ/Navman unit...You will not be sorry!

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I, too, use Memory-Map. I love it. I use it with topo maps and with aerial photos (which are awesome!). I use a Dell Axim with a CF card GPS. This gives me the SD slot for a memory card for the maps. Occasionally, I will use a Bluetooth GPS in place of the CF GPS.


I have also used the Mitac Mio and the Navman PiN (really the same thing). They both work nicely. The built-in GPS is a nice touch. The only two concerns I have with these is the antenna does not open to a fully flat position and no replaceable battery.


All PDAs are susceptabe to water and dirt, so I use an Aquapac waterproof bag to carry my PPC. These bags are great because you can use the PPC without opening the bag. You just use the stylus through the membrane.

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I carry a Garmin GPS MAP 60C, a Palm Tungsten E, and a Brunton compass. The GPS does a rough enough calculation to tell me altitude when I need it. I choose to use a good regular compass when needed. Having the components seperate lets me pick and choose what I need to take with me when cache hunting, and I can upgrade each individually. If everything is in one unit and it has a problem ... then no geocaching will be done. The PDA/GPS combo sounds really cool and I definitly would not say anything bad about it. :lol: It really comes down to your personal preferences and what you can afford. I must admit that paperless caching is GREAT. We print a few topos and possibly a street area map to help with driving ..... but thats it. I'm liking the PDA as a MP3 player and a photo viewer also. :anicute: ImpalaBob

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