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Garmin 60cs Crash

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I've found a reproducible way to crash my 60cs (firmware version is the latest, 3.70):


1. Enter the Proximity Waypoints menu from a waypoint. That is, open a waypoint, press Menu, and scroll down to "Set Proximity". (The problem doesn't occur if you enter the Proximity Waypoints menu from the Main menu by selecting the "Proximity" icon).


2. In the Proximity Waypoints menu, scroll to the left-hand line of dashes to enter a new waypoint, and press Enter to display the Find menu.


3. Select Waypoints, then pick a waypoint.


4. Highlight "Use" and press Enter. The unit hangs and you need to remove the batteries to restart it.


The last three of these steps are the "correct" way to enter a proximity waypoint. All I've done "differently" is to enter the Proximity Waypoints menu via a waypoint, instead of from the Main menu.


It's a long time since I wrote embedded systems, but if I had to guess, I'd say this is caused by some data structure in the waypoint menu being statically allocated - when you select the second waypoint, something is getting trashed in the first (ie, the code is not fully re-entrant).


Can anyone else reproduce this problem on a 60cs ? I imagine it ought to happen on a 60c and maybe a 60 too, and possibly with older firmware versions as well.

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I have a Garmin 60C and installed version 3.7 about a week ago. It immediately crashed in anymode and I had to remove the batteries to reset it.


I originaly was following a ROUTE and the crash occurred within feet of the start. The problem repeated in normal mode as in just following the map. In the upper left corner was a little window that said "display" which I have seen since getting the unit going. THe "display" window seems to occur every time the map updated while you are moving along.


The cure:

With the help of my friend HFJohn who has had a 60C for some time we found a site for the previous version 3.6 and installed it. We found it by guessing the format of the file name of the previous version based upon the defective version I had downloaded and then Googling to it.




I am sure I must have bookmarked the site but don't see it right now.





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