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How To Pick Up My Own Tb Without Code?

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My daughter Brookster has her own tb that she picked up from a cache.


Unfortunately, the keychain is missing from the bag that it was connected to.


I have control of her account. I do not know what the 6 digit/letter code is for the tb, so I can't seem to go through her account to list the tb as in her possession.


Can I, as the owner, "pick up" the bug from it's current cache location without the code?


If this has been discussed before, feel free to Markwell the topic.


The cache owner has contacted me about removing the tb from the cache page.




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The cache owner has the power to mark the bug as missing from their cache. Perhaps they ought to exercise that power.


You could consider writing to the travel bug's owner to explain what happened, get the number from the owner, and offer to attach a homemade replacement tag. That's done quite often.

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I am the owner of the bug. Well, my 10 year old daughter is, but I have control of her account. We DONT have either tag, so nobody knows what the number is.


So let me ask again. Can I as the owner log the tb as in my possession without the code?




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Please write to contact@Groundspeak.com and give them the name of the travel bug, the name of the account holder on it and ask for the tracking number. Save it in case your travel bug comes back from out of the blue again, it can happen!

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The cache owner has contacted me about removing the tb from the cache page.




Looks like you have a lead on how to obtain the TB number and when you do you'll be able to retrieve into the account's possession.


In the mean time, to reiterate what Keystone was just trying to suggest, to get it off the cache page both the TB owner account (in this case your daughter's when logged in) and the cache owner have the Travel Bug Option to "Mark bug missing" which moves it to an "Unknown Location" until you (your daughter's account) can grab it with the TB number.


It's easy (though not well documented), doesn't mess with the mileage and it doesn't list on the cache page and easy to grab it back when you get the number.


EDITED - To add, this "Mark bug missing" can be done without the number.



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