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Stick On Screen Protectors

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Just get them from an office supply store. They make them for PDAs.

I thought of doing that, but last time I looked, they were like 15 dollars for a dozen of them (or something like that). I thought I remembered the screen protectors I bought for my Garmin V were already cut to custom size and considerably cheaper than the Writeright(?) PDA protectors.

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While waiting for a friend of mine to lead me to Strong (see link in an earlier post) as a source of 60CS screen protectors that are pre-cut to fit, I read about someone placing the unit on their flatbed scanner and going from there. Since I'm in the Computer Graphic Arts biz, I gave it a shot, traced the scan in Adobe Illustrator, made a couple of test runs on paper, and then loaded one of my Palm PDA screen protectors (NOT the WriteRight ones with the "texture" but the "glossy" ones!) into my inkjet and printed the outline on the backside. Some careful cutting with scissors and an Xacto knife and I had it fitting perfectly -- it does have a "slightly" reflective surface, but I've been using it for months now and find that the screen is extremely easy to read even in bright sunlight.

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My local Office Depot has the ones for the palms at about $14-$16 a packet of 12. Ouch! I asked if they had any others. The helpful young man said that he would look. In a few minutes he came back with a packet of 12. He said that these were from a discontinued palm model that they did not sell anymore. I bought the packet (12) for 75 CENTS !! Went home and cut one to size and put it on my Magellan Gold.....it works for me !!


I then went to my local (new) Sportsman Warehouse. I was looking for a nice case for my Merigold. I bought one just for my model....$5.95. With the Magellan logo on the case. Nice....


Some days are just better than others.

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I don't think $15 for 12 is that pricy,, especially considering one of them can last several months as long as abuse is kept to a minimum..


You know that flimsy thin piece of plastic isn't gonna do anything if you smack your GPS against a rock or tree or something similarly hard.. they're just gonna help deflect the mildest of scrapes. And glare may be better or worse with the protector in place.


Me, I bought some for my PDA & cut one to fit on my GPSr. I tore it off within a day because it significantly reduced the screen image quality & crispness..

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That's the dept. I have worked in for 6 years...We call it the "gift bar" We currently have 25 different GPS models in stock. Do you have any idea how hard that makes it when a customer comes in and says, "Tell me the differences between all these" It makes me want to puke! Puleeeeeeeze don't ever do that to a salesman when there are 25 different models! :lol:

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I also bought some at Radio Shack for an old model Palm very cheap. I use them on my Legend C. The image is not affected much at all. The protection is more than you think, I fell in some broken granite and it tore the protector all to pieces but there was only one small scratch on the Garmin screen. It was polished out with Simichrome very easily. I however did not fare so well.

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This is marginally off topic but I can't resist a small rant :D . I have a MAP60C on order and already am aware of what I consider a serious flaw in industrial design. The screen is "proud" on the face of the unit, making it very susceptible to scratching. Every hand-held display device should have it's screen recessed as it is on the Magellan units and on most PDAs. I've been using an IPAQ in the field for ten months without a screen protector, and it has nary a scratch. I do have screen protectors for my Meridian and I'll cut one to fit the 60C. One of the curses of being a curmudgeonly former engineer, is that life sometimes seems to be a series of "what were they thinking" moments. :D Harrumph.

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