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Elvis Has Been Found!

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It was quite the adventure. The morning (from 8:30am until 11:00) was spent trying to find access to the National Forest land. We tried several landowners. The very last man we talked to, Mr. Tolley I think? pulled out a plat map of land that he owned and showed us on it where his land borders National Forest land. Then he proceeded to tell us where we could get access to National Forest land without crossing his land. Nice, but subtle way of telling us, No you can't cross my property. He was nice and must have asked us 3 times, "And WHY do you want to go up there?" Once we found the Border markers, painted red rock and red painted bands on trees, the rest was pure adventure.


The first .3 miles was straight up hill, but once on top the ridgeline, the last 2miles was all fairly easy hiking. The original 5gal bucket was found, wet and soggy inside, with only a few trade items salvable. Replaced 5gal bucket with 50cal ammo box, with new logbook and trade items. If you do this one, please bring quality trade items to give others incentive to make the long hike.



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