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Officer Friendly.

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in my last two caching days i have had TWO encounters with law enforcement personnel for a grand total of seven officers and three squad cars.


in today's incident the officers were very nice about it and after they were satified that we were NOT in fact dumping body parts illegally (not implied, but asked about rather explicitly... i wonder what was going on THERE...) the officers posed with me for a very nice photo.

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This is why I don't like to cache at night--it is really difficult not to look suspicious while lurking around a park in the dark. And cops take noice of cars parked at a nature preserve at night. I have more than once emerged from the woods to find them running my plates.

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I do like to get of the patrol car, walk over with a very serious look on my face and then say.."DID YOU FIND IT YET". Thats usually a great tension breaker.


Oh yes... it makes for great Kodak moments to do that :tired: I have several hides in the area where I work so I get to keep a close eye on several of my caches. Most of the local cachers know I'm a deputy, but it's fun to meet some of the out of town folks while they are searching and I'm working ;)

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