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Pocket Query Question

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I've read Markwell's FAQ, and didn't find what I was looking for...


Question about Pocket Query...


To keep track of all my found caches in GSAK, I currently have three pocket queries. One for traditional caches, one for Multi-caches, and one for all other types.


When I view my profile, it shows that I have found 484 traditional caches.

When I run a pocket query selecting...

- Traditional Cache

- Any Container

- I have found

- Within: ALL Countries selected

- Origin: None Selected

- Place During: None Selected

... it only shows 339 found.


What has happened here? Is there something I'm doing wrong with my pocket query?


I have the same inconsistencies with the Multi caches and OTHER caches queries as well.


Any ideas?

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I see that you live in Canada, and have finds in both the US and Canada. Selecting "All countries" DOESN'T return US results. You need to use the "States" options to get your finds in the US. Not sure how many US finds you have, I didn't look THAT closely at your stats, but I bet that's where the difference in numbers is coming from.

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Archived caches would definitely account for some of the missing numbers.


I also have somewhere around 60 or 70 US caches as well. I reran my traditional query selecting all States and Provinces and this boosted the number from 339 to 395. But now I'm missing some non Canada or US caches.


It looks as though I'm going to have to create a few more PQ's to account for all of them. Wish it was easier! I would just like to be able to get the same breakdown that gc.com uses for the stats page.


Related question... on the pocket query page, when you choose Preview... what sort order is used to display the caches? It's not by My Found date, not by Placed Date, not by distance from my home coords... Anyone?

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Thanks for the tips.


I've now got my numbers within 10 of the gc.com stats.


I did as suggested and I've now got three main PQ's.

1. Founds in N.America that were placed 2001-2003

2. Founds in N.America that were placed 2004+

3. Founds outside N.America


Then, I listed all my founds and went through, page by page and bookmarked all the archived caches. (I came up with a total of 127)


Adding all these together I get a number within 10 of what gc.com stats page shows. I assume the missing caches have been permanently archive and cannot be viewed.


Close enough.


Then, when I view all the listings in my bookmark list, I checked them all and downloaded as a .loc file. A quick conversion to GPX and my GSAK database is now up to date (more or less).

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