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Garmin Mapsource 5.0 For Trade

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I have an unopened copy of Garmin's Mapsource 5.0, 6.0 upgrade CD on it's way. I would like to trade this for fresh copy of Garmin's TOPO USA.

This was received with a Auto Nav kit and I already have Mapsource 6.0 so I don't need the software that came with the kit but would like a copy of TOPO.

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welch Posted on Mar 3 2005, 06:14 AM

  can you explain what a 'fresh copy of garmin's topo USA' means?

Im guessing you mean you want the newest version?? (which is what?)

Yes, I am looking for the latest version of TOPO USA and as I stated above I would like original disks not copies.

Looking at Garmin's web site I am not sure that there has been more than one release of TOPO USA.

When I originally posted, "fresh" was intended to mean still had it's device licenses so that I could download the maps onto my GPS'r. I have since discovered that TOPO USA does not require device licenses/unlock codes and can be downloaded to as many GPSr's (devices) as you want.

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