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  1. Well your harrassment and childish behavior got the best of my friend, he ended the auction and emailed the high bidder and told them that it was no longer available as he could not end the auction early since is was so close to the item end. I still cant belive the number of theating emails he recived for this item, I have a compleatly different view of 90% of you now. It seems like something those of you who got picked on in school would do, send threating mail as there is no chance of confrintation. Now you can all sleep better at night knowing the coin was not sold on ebay, I will be putting it in MY LAST CACHE or I may give it to one of the many supporters who emailed my friend telling him good for you, so know that if you were against the sell of this coin, the whole Groundspeak community was not. If the false ICON you all worship reads this he will be happy to know that the coin was not sold, We decided to make the masses happy, but it was pretty fun while it lasted. Take care all. Oh and to anyone I may have offended or made mad I appologize now and hope we can all carry on like grown adults.
  2. explain how this is stealing I GAVE HIM THE COIN he does not geocache or care about the coin and it is his to do with as he see's fit. I'm pretty much done explaining my self over a COIN that I no longer have possession of, I guess I could ask him for it back, but who in there right mind would give it back when he stands to make this much money from it. As for my example its much more realistic than you want to belive, in fact it seems much more realistic to belive you would get in trouble for selling government currancy for more than its face value than you would for selling something someone found in the woods. If you want look at it like this, he is gifting the coin to someone who wants it, and they are gifting him some money they dont need.
  3. Really, so if I have a US Penny that is 100 years old and worth money can I sell it? People do it everyday and that is property of the US Government and they dont seem to mind, has Moun10bike rised so high that he is now more powerfull than the Government.
  4. Greetings all, I see you are all harassing a close personal friend of mine who is selling a Moun10bike geocoin that I gave him. Well, well, well, I don’t know where to begin. First of all, harassment is a much bigger deal than the selling of the coin. I GAVE him the coin and it is his to do with as he sees fit. I wonder how many of you would get upset if someone tried to sell one of the golf balls or Lego toys found in a cache? My best guess is None. I realize that Jon and the rest of you may not want these coins sold on eBay, but type in geocoin and see how many searches are returned!! Why not harass all those people as well? I gave him that coin in trade for a new hobby, and that’s all this is, is a hobby!! If I sell a baseball card that belonged to a friend for a hoop more than he gave for it, does that make it a crime? NO, that’s called entrepreneurship. Hell, had I known he was going to get over $500.00 for it that coin would have been on eBay a long long time ago. To act like a child or a "telephone tough guy" and harass someone for this is outlandish and ignorant! If you don’t like it or don’t agree then don’t bid on it, it’s that simple. You can all keep your emails from me as well as I obviously don’t care, or I never would have given up the coin in the first place. As for the selling of geocoins keep your eyes peeled as I have a ton of personal geocoins that will be making there way to eBay very soon, so if you cant go out and get your own feel free to add to my pocket and bid them up....................
  5. I've been away for some time (military tdy), but this seem like something fun to drop my .02 on and make my return to the forums, I hiked to the top of Skyline ridge in the middle of winter (wearing snowshoes as well) for some of GeoRoo's caches, I did not find one but thought I was at the right spot, I emailed him and I was close, but none the less I did not find the cache and was not given credit for a find. I think it’s great that you all "found a cache" but realistically it was not the one you were seeking. For that matter I could really drive my numbers up if I took a plastic bag and log book with me everywhere I went. I bet I could reach a 1000 in no time. But alas as you can see from my stats numbers don’t mean a whole lot to me. So to summarize no you should not get credit for a cache you did not find.
  6. I have a Meridian Platinum that I am looking to sell. The unit is in New condition and has seen very little use. I will let it go for a reasonable offer. Would like to sell it here before I list it on ebay, I will even throw in the case.
  7. Yep I will have at least 1 I can trade away.........Santa Cruz is hot on my want list.........But there are others I would like as well.
  8. WOW, that one coin is going to go for at least 30 bucks and that collection will bring it at least 120 There may be another collection on sale real soon............
  9. I'll buy 2-3, could care less if there trackable or not.
  10. TL, Thanks for the link, it worked like a charm, I just ordered 5
  11. Would like 3 non silver please
  12. Good point, I would sell just about every one of my coins for that kind of profit, not yours of course because you traded it to me for a military coin so it holds a higher place in my collection, but if I thought for a second I could get 2000 for my collection I would do it in a heart beat and start again from scratch.
  13. YUP, I'll sell my Washington coin for 30.00 and pay the shipping as well, as for it starting a trend, I'd say the trend is in high gear and if someone is willing to pay 30 bucks for something I paid 5 and bought a couple of, well I dont see this as anything other than smart buisiness, but thats just me
  14. My 8yr old daughter would be all over that, since she has taken it upon her self to be the overseer of my,..........our geocoins I'm sure she would love one targeted at kids. She has an Air Force Brat coin that my Comander gave her and she loves that one.
  15. Put me down for 2 or 4 I will pay 10 or 20
  16. Yes, everyone has different opinions and I expect that many of them will be different from my own. However, I was hoping to get opinions on the actual question I asked, not inviting attacks on my cache or personality. Those I look for from local cachers who have actually done the cache and/or have met me. Then perhaps be more cautious is the way you word things. I have been caching for over a year and only have 52 finds does that make me inexperienced? keep in mind that I spent 6 of those months in Afghanistan and had other things on my mind, also not everyone views this game as the only thing that matters. Take a look at my cache finds one was not found for over six months, I really don’t care about numbers but don’t like being considered inexperienced because I don’t have a couple of hundred finds. But to answere you question, only you can answere if you did the right thing, if you stated you had to post a picture and they didnt then delet the log, would you delet the log if they used the same type of phote you did though?
  17. Wow, Hydnsek you dont waste any time, I also think this is a great idea and would like to be part of the team.
  18. This sounds fun if I'm off, I'll do it.
  19. All Cache till whenever Cent5 want's to, I'm meeting him at his casa, so I will be rolling with him.
  20. Jeez Killer Whales and a chance of snow later in the week, and you two are bringing kyakas and canoes , I'm calling my friend in the Coast Guard to see if he will meet us with a cutter...........
  21. I agree 100% with Kealia, In fact I have some Military coins that are far nicer and much more detailed than the vast majority of geocoins and have never paid a cent over 5 bucks. Most of the coins I have have been given to me for variouse things, but I know for a fact that the cost of making the coins is still not above 4 dollars a piece give or take a little. But these coins that are now costing upwards of 9 bucks a piece seems a little unreasonable to me. But if people are paying it who are we to say otherwise.
  22. Criminal’s logic is far superior to that of the normal person. I do agree with him if you go looking for something and its not there then you didn’t find it. If you went to the store to buy a book but they were out would you still give the cashier your money? Or better yet would you come home and “play” read the book. I also have an example of this but I don’t know how to link to things, but to make the long story short this guy went looking for a cache but didn’t find it because the weather was cold and he fell in the snow but refused to log it as a DNF, but I’m glad he didn’t find it, I went there two days later and scored a Moun10bike coin. But this is clearly a DNF he went seeking the cache and did not find it.
  23. That would Rock, you bring some sort of floating device and I'm in. There is also another nearby Island that has some fun looking caches as well, I still have no clue how to link things in these forums. But I'm in for a water trip none the less.
  24. YESSSS, the mail man just dropped mine off, thanks 9key
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