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Cross-border Marks

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As I have posted elsewhere, I am currently working on a project to recover and document a set of USC&GS survey marks that are located in Yukon Territory, Canada that were placed along the Alaska highway and White Pass railway routes in 1943.


While browsing benchmarks on the other side of the border in Skagway, Alaska it was interesting to find the opposite case. Some of the marks are actually Canadian Geodetic Survey markers that were placed along the South Klondike Highway route.


I found it kind of interesting. Is this a unique situation?




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While searching for u.s. bm's close to the canadian border (on-line, not in the field yet) I've found alot of bronze disc/concrete block bm's quite a ways north of the 49th (up to a mile) that are listed as bm's in montana. i plan to check them out this summer, probably also try to find the international boundary markers.



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Well being a surveyor, i have acces to CSRS database and i have found all kinds of BM's in my area and surrounding area, so i'll try my best to find and record as many as possible so that anybody interested in benchmark hunting in Canada has something to go by, also if anybody from the lambton or huron county regions want some benchmarks to look for email me with your coords and i'll look some up for you gladly just so we can get something going in Canada.

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