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Lake Simcoe Geocaches?

Niss Feiner

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There is one on Christian Island which is north west of Barrie on Georgian Bay. You can drive to the island accross the ice in the winter but they just closed the ice road down this past week. I might be open again though.


There is also one on Lake Eugenia south west of Collingwood. I was accross the ice to this one last weekend but I don't know how much longer there will be ice there.



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Okay, I'll leave it to you. I was going to be over there in a little while but you're probably closer for cache maintenance. I wonder if a multi can be constructed along the lake that can be done by boat? Mind you, Nozzletime might get out there with his inflatable boat (with the palm tree images on it) and this could be dangerous! :huh:




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