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  1. I found this cache today. It was a great hide. By the cache page and maps I had a good idea where it was going to be but I did not expect to have to go as far inside as I did. I don't want to give too much away incause some other local cachers are reading. Star2004
  2. Usually we starting camping on the May 13th weekend we should be heading to the campground. Star2004
  3. Just noticed there is a Forth cache in the area. All within 6km of the first cache. This last cache placer only has found cache in the Horseshoe Valley Area. I can't wait to get back to the nearby KOA to get these cache and replace my cache. Star2004
  4. There is also this Cache very close to the topic starting cache. This is also a cacher with no finds. Not to far away there is a Third cache. This cacher has 5 finds and 1 hide over a year but is a premium member. Could this be someone from the Simcoe County Trail Networks. They are placing caches all over the county and have a volunteer. Star2004
  5. One in my area is a cache hidden in a stump with raccoon fir stuffed in the log. It looks like a sleeping raccoon. Star2004
  6. I was just looking on the local TV stations web site and found this article. Close to a retraction. Holes In Ground Outside Historic Church Still A Mystery The people who look after the historic 1849 Oro African Church north of Barrie are still scratching their heads. After groundskeepers starting noticing several holes in the ground behind the building, they discovered the site had been placed on an internet treasure hunting website. Players, they believed, were encouraged to bury items while other players would dig them up. That angered township officials and members of the Oro-Medonte Historic Committee that manages the wooden structure used by early Black settlers in Simcoe County. But a number of players have now e-mailed Oro-Medonte Township to say they only take pictures of the treasure hunt locations and never dig. Mayor Neil Craig likes the publicity his municipality is receiving. As far as who dug the holes, that's still an unanswered question. Did any geocacher talk to A Channel or is this infomation from the Mayor? Star2004
  7. Just got a copy of October Cottage Life Magazine and was flipping though and found an article on geocaching. Not the greatest article but they have also hidden 5 caches in cottage county. The coordinates are hidden somewhere in the magazine. Star2004
  8. I would understand being upset after driving an hour and not being able to find the cache. In this case they had found many other caches in the area the same day. I did not list the cache or the cacher because it was not my intent to single out any of the cachers that have been attacking or putting down other cachers but to point out that it is happening and maybe prevent it happening to other cachers and promote helping the new geocachers. There are not many cachers in the Grey / Bruce area so when a new cacher appears I'm hopeful that they will place a few caches. It's been a couple of months since a cache has been placed close to where I live and it is still half an hour away. When some does place one and gets really bad logs about the cache they will get discouraged and not place another cache. AB might be right about they could just be having a bad day. Star2004
  9. Star2004

    Dex4 Hits 100

    Just wanted to send congratulations to Dex4 for hiding 100 caches. I have not found many of these caches but you are never disappointed with the locations. How does he find them? What is your favorite Dex4 cache? Mine is Cape Hurd Sunset Park (GCK3P4) Keep them coming. Star2004
  10. I few geocaches and geocachers have been criticized lately over the past few month’s in the areas that I cache in. Attacking the cacher. One cache was the cachers first cache hidden and it was found by muggles. Because of work reasons the cacher was out of town for a few months and the person they had arranged to maintain the cache did not come though for them so they asked me to replace the cache, which I did, but I used a macro hoping that it would last, but it was also taken. A geocacher attacked them for not updating the caching page and stated they drove a long distance to find the info incorrect but they found many other caches in the area that day. Attacking the caches. Geocachers have to remember that not every cache is for every cacher. You also have to remember while you are geocaching to look out for the risks and quite if the risk is above you ability or comfort level don’t do it. Don’t attack the cacher because you can’t to it. Some geocachers like a mental or physical challenge while going for a cache. Other caches like a cache that they can drive up to and get the cache without getting out of the car. If you don’t like cemetary’s they don’t go for the caches that mention cemetery in them. If you don’t like churches then don’t go for the caches near churches. Don’t attack the people placing the cache they make geocaching possible. If there is something wrong with a new cache make some suggestions to the cacher though e-mail, help them. They did a lot better job then the cacher that does not hide a cache. Star2004
  11. They are coordinates for that spot on the map, it aids in finding the trail. They have a great trail system in Collingwood. I was placing some caches along it but had to stop because of trail construction, and I have not found time. Star2004
  12. My first guess would be that the date that you placed and the date you approved was quite a distance apart and they did not noticed it on the new listing on the new caches on Ontario. I only check on the caches in my area about eveny 2 or 3 weeks I realy on the new listing to see the new caches. Star2004
  13. Looks like Res2100 is not too far behind in the list. We will have to get a few more caches out for them to find. Star2004
  14. Here is a list of my favorite caches and some comments. The Star List Star2004
  15. I have been looking at a new GPS and found the best deals at GPS Central and GPS City. Has anyone had good or bad experiances with these places? Any other retailers that I should be looking at? Star2004
  16. Do you have to find a key to unlock the cache or is that a fake lock? Star2004
  17. Found the cache. Anyone else find it? Star2004
  18. There is one on Christian Island which is north west of Barrie on Georgian Bay. You can drive to the island accross the ice in the winter but they just closed the ice road down this past week. I might be open again though. There is also one on Lake Eugenia south west of Collingwood. I was accross the ice to this one last weekend but I don't know how much longer there will be ice there. Star2004
  19. Most of the caches in my area are buried in 2 feet of snow and a Medal-detector would save having to dig though the snow. Star2004
  20. I once pulled up to a cache site and they where making a movie, they where set-up about 50 feet from the cache site but I was still able to walk around the set and find the cache. I wish that I had of grabed my camera before I went searching but they where right there seeing what I was doing with I parked. The movie was called History and that it about as much as I found out. Star2004
  21. Benchmarks and Travel Bugs are not included in cache finds because they are not caches. (I thought bench marks where included but not in your totals.) Star2004
  22. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...81-ecef2643e236 Read the last 3 logs. Star2004
  23. Did you read the log from the previous 2 cachers? I posted the one below. Makes you think twice about going near other people when you are out caching. Maybe there was a cacher before llatnek and he was not as friendly to the man and two kids as llatnek. >February 22 by llatnek (156 found) >Found this one at 1323;This was my 150th cache!!! >When I got to the area, a man and his two little boys were digging around at the >base of the cliff with shovels. I soon realized that they were nowhere near the >cache, and in conversation the man did not really seem to pick up on the >significance of the GPSr in my hand (when I showed it to him). I sat down to >drink a coke and wait them out. They soon headed for the river to dig for >something else, and I quickly located the cache. >Left a Sacajawea Dollar and signed the log. >Thanks and Semper Fidelis, Llatnek. Star2004
  24. I'm also have the same problem with my Sportrak GPS . Worked great for a couple of weeks before I had the problem. Last couple of times that I have been out I have had problems. It is winter here so there are know leaves on the trees. The only two things that I think that where different for me. Two times that I had a problem it was really cloudy and I was in a very rockey area. Could this be a problem? Tyler
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