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chautauqua belle

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Hi All ...


I'm fairly new -- I got my GPS for Christmas (from me!) and went on my first Geocaching hunt at Thanksgiving with my sister.


I've been working in the computer industry for 15+ years and am stumped ...


I have a Dell Axim PocketPC running Windows 2003. How do I download and transfer a PocketQuiery to use? I have both iSolo and Microsoft reader installed on my Dell Axim. I have 64MB memory so that's not an issue.


It's probably idiot easy and I'm just complicating it. Any and all suggestions and/or emails direct (pegburns@alltel.com) will be extremely appreciated.


Thank you,

Chautauqua Belle & Molly :blink:

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You'll receive your PQ as a LOC or GPX file (GPX is better). Then its simply a matter of having some sort of app to interface with your pocket PC. For Palm, there is Cachemate, Spinner, Mobipocket and others. There are apps for Pocket PC as well, but I'm not familiar with them. Maybe a user will chime in.

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:blink: Hey I use the Dell Axim and it works great. To view your pocket query on your handheld check off the option "Also eBook Format (for handheld devices)" and you will get an email with instructions for reading this file using Mobipocket reader software. You will have to install this free software on your handheld device. Check out this website: http://www.mobipocket.com/


The file that you will get is a *.PRC that dose not need any conversions. Just copy it to the handheld and you are good to go.

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I have ppc 2003se, but despise mobipocket. I use the gpx file with gpxsonar. The gpx files look just like the webpages using gpxsonar minus the pictures. Just load the sonar program the put the gpx file directly into your ppc. Don't take my word for it, give it a look for yourself. You can always uninstall if you don't like it.

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