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Leading By Example...


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I think it would be very cool if the people who help my travel bugs along would write more or take pictures to share the TBs travels with us. After all, it is about the journey. (It has to be - since mine don't usually have a specific destination! :) )


So, in an effort to "lead by example" here are the log entries for a TB that I spent the weekend with:


Pork Chop's Little Ditty TB


What do you do on a day to day basis when you're travelling with a TB? Take pictures! Document it in the TBs logs! It gives the bugs more "personality!" B)


- PM

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I agree with the OP and try very much to do this myself. Nothing worse that a "grabbed TB, will drop off ..." type of log. How hard is it to tell a little story? Photos are a bonus but I accept that not everyone has a digital camera, but writing a log ain't hard.




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I would be happy to just have a simple log as they are moved along instead of having my TBs just sit on someone's desk like some of mine are doing right now.



Can't disagree with that, but I like my cake too :o ... my ideal is good log and within five to seven days move. I try to move bugs within three days, seven max.



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I'm guilty of the 'will move along' log, but since I just picked it up I don't have a story or pictures yet.


Then when I drop it off, the system doesn't automatically provide me a bug logging page. It's a lot of work having to go to the bug page and edit the log. Editing is hard. :o


I do think you will have a better response if you specifically request people provide stories or pictures. And the bug 'concept' is something people can have fun with. The 'Take me to work' TB is probably going to have a lot more pictures then the 'No Specific Goal' keychain TB.

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You mean like this?


or this? (I've been given the go ahead to drop this one off now)


or perhaps this one?


Or my own well travelled bug that had completed the first Cannonball Run Race, and I took with me to FL and back, and sent out again.


I'm ashamed I didn't post more pictures on this one.


And one of my personal favorites which I am trying to have the last cacher send to me one way or another to get it back out in circulation.

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