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Waterfall Near Riyadh!


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While trying to bag "THE SLIPPER BEYOND THE SPHINX" (GCKECD ) ten days ago, I came across what I though to be an interesting view that I rarely see around in this neighborhood. Take a Look at these pictures:









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You got me excited on this. :huh:


You don't need to take a close look at the pictures to note the following:


• Mine were taken on a sunny day with no signs of rain. The land was totally dry. That's where the surprise comes in.

Rivers in the sand was taken on an overcast day. So all you got around was water.


• Second, as the title implied, water was flowing on the ground, wet and muddy. Mine was coming from the mountain, dry and clean. In this part of Arabia, that's a novelty.


• Third, except for that little fall (barely few feet high), there were no real waterfalls. Mine was coming down an escarpment hundreds of feet high. That's what made it so strange.


Finally, those were great shots (rivers in the sand) .. I certainly enjoyed them a lot. But there is something mystical about that waterfall in the dry surrounding that I captured which is not reflected in those wet pictures .. am I right or am I right :o


With this interest in photography, may be we should do a "picture of the month" in this forum and have a vote. The winner will have a prize to be collected in cache form, i.e., we hide a simple cache (1/1) and leave the prize there for the winner (I will provide the first prize). This way, we also introduce new caches (easy ones).

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Amazing photos! Streams in the desert. Can't imagine how you have the nerve to cache out there. Somehow I'd be thinking that someone would hide mines nearby. Is that any kind of a fear? Sorry I know nothing about the Arabian Penninsula but hey we're stuck in knee deep snow here in Manitoba in a nice safe little village where we seldom lock our doors.

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:) Though I agree entirely that there was something mystical about his waterfall and I travel this route often and have yet to see it, I have to disagree with mhfares overs the rivers in the sand. To see that much water flowing in torrents and then a week later not a sign of it except a few remnants of the carved out banks is something we will all remember for a very long time.


Great idea for the prize though. To do this we will we need to attract a few more members in to this forum.


I am away for a month and on my return I will start tempting people here. My first line of attack will be the forum cache... but maybe mhfares will beat me to it.

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The polling feature in the Groundspeak forum is disabled. If we were to have "picture of the month", we have to have polling .. any ideas ?


May be we should get our own website for Arabia geocachers, we can put our own stories/pics that don't get into the logs ..etc. .. is it worth it ?

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we should get our own website for Arabia geocachers


We have also considered a separate site mainly to get around the problem of the lack of maps on which to show where the caches are. We only rejected the idea because of the fall off of support following the security situation.


The lack of a polling procedure certainly hinders what you aim to do but does not stop it. You could call for proposals, make a short list and ask for opinions and then sit in judgement yourself.


Not as elegant as you would like but the aim is acheived.


It is a shame, we did have a very active national cacher both on the ground and in these forums and he was a master with the camera. He would be just the person to assist in this but he appears to have stopped contributing.


M of M&Ms.

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