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New To Geocaching In Nova Scotia


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Hi, my husband and I are interested in getting started into geocaching. Our Garmin Etrex is ordered to get us started. We both have PDA's and Laptops and looking for ideas on software. We love to travel, camp and explore...So we are getting all set up to go. Are there any groups, clubs, chat rooms for people in Nova Scotia or the Maritimes? We appreciate any suggestions you all have! Thanks Donna :P

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What type of PDA are you using because Cachemate is for Palm units, while for Pocket PCs you can use just GSAK and create a HTML file that your Pocket PC can read in its browser. There are other programs you can get thta will allow mapping of your waypoints such as GPSVisualizer.

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Thanks so much for the good advice and suggestions. My husband and I both have Sony Clie PDA's that run on Palm 5.0. We did go ahead and get the gramin etrex. We are looking at the Legion too however, because we like the map feature on it which would be great allowing us both to have a GPS. I did download and pay for the cachmate ( low cost and quite a fun product..just wish i could add maps!) and it works great on my PDA with the super download capabilities as a Premium member. Now if we can find the time to get out there and start caching!

Thank you all again for all your help and welcomes. :D D

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