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Hi all,


I am planning this year’s event cache (#3) and I am looking for some input.


I will be selecting a different camping area other than the previous ones for the #1 and #2 event caches. Anyone have any suggestions? Actually I have one picked out but I will have to investigate some more but I am willing to hear any suggestions. Events are held in the East Kootenay's as there are many many caches to find and it is a nice area to be in.


Another item I would like to ask some input on is if anyone has any ideas for things to do at the event cache. I want to do some different things although I do have some ideas already. (Some that I have already used for any of you Geocachers that attended the first 2 event caches). And I also have some new ones that if used, may blow you away.


Also I would really appreciate any input on "when" the best long weekend would be to hold this year’s event cache. For those that don't know, the first one was on the August long weekend in 2003 and we could not have any fires do to the dryness and the 2004 event cache was held on the July 1st long weekend when we could have fires but it rained to beat the band.


As far as prizes I have some picked out such as the door prize, the first to arrive prize, as well as the furthest distance traveled prizes. (Different from 2004's). There will be a poker run but because I have had to use the bucks out of my own pocket for the last 2 event caches (for most of the items), this year it will be $5.00 per hand which will go to paying for the gifts that I purchase. Nothing will be going into my pocket.


And last but not least, in 2003, 21 Geocachers attended; in 2004, 24 Geocachers attended, and I believe all had a good time at both events. I am hoping for a bigger turn out as this year’s event cache may be the last one I do depending on how this one goes. It is pretty tough to do these on your own but I sure enjoyed doing them. The best thing I got out of doing the event caches was meeting all the Geocachers that I didn't know and seeing the ones I already met. I'm hoping to see them again at this year’s event cache too as well as more that I can get to know.


So any input that anyone has will be appreciated and I look forward to what you have to say and suggest.

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Thanks very much for yourn help and moving it. I just did a topic and what I wanted to say and hoped people would read it. Dah!


And I will post it on the BCGA forums as well. Brain dead I am. Not getting out Geocachin' due to the weather and other things.


Thanks again.

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Well, in the past you could have accessed the forums for free.  I see now that you now have to pay $15.00 and give your private personal information to them to join.


Actually it now says:


Access to forums is now limited to BCGA subscribed members until an account validation scheme can be implemented to reduce sock-puppet use.

New users can Contact the executive via the Feedback link and will be given temporary access to the forums if their identity can be verified.


Haven't tried this approach though since I don't need access just now

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