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Satellite Cam Cache?

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There are hundreds of satellites in the skies which are able to take pictures of a one meter area on the ground. And it is possible to buy a satellite pictures I know, somehow.


What about joining in a large group of cachers and plan to do a SATELLITE CAMERA CACHE!!! Maybe the Cache would be there only in one moment while it's taking few pictures of the certain area, the cache! Large group of us for the costs of course, this might be a little bit expensive plan.. But in the future! Think about it.


Do anybody have a better information or dreams about this kind of geocaching in the future? :lol:



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Not impossible but...


for the highly crowded metropolises, this might be possible within near future (and for certain hotspots even today), but I doubt anyone would have the financial interest to cover for example the scandinavia with even close to realtime satelilite images.


Anyway, have a look at these sites:


* EarthSat (these have some close ups of Helsinki)

* Space Imaging

* DigitalGlobe

* M$ TerraServer

* Keyhole (the one bought by Google)

* NASA Astrophotographs

* NASA's visible earth


Ofcourse, if one had the interest and the skill in lobbying, one could contact one of the commercial sat image providers and ask them when they will be taking the next shot of some coordinates - to arrange a little media stunt :grin: Other possibility would be to place & time the cache somewhere where something big is bound to happen (such as Olympics (takes some time)) from where someone is bound to grab an image or two


...but maybe it would be more easier to start with aerial photographs. Maanmittauslaitos (in Finland) for example publishes their schedule for taking aerial photographs (schedule for 2005 not yet online) and I believe it might be even practically possible to ask for a few coordinates and date/time when the plane visits the area - then just gather enough people to form a visible symbol to sign the event cache. :grin:




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There are hundreds of satellites in the skies which are able to take pictures of a one meter area on the ground. - - What about joining in a large group of cachers and plan to do a SATELLITE CAMERA CACHE!!!

What is the probability of clear sky at a given point in Finland? It obviously varies by season.

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You can look and download free Landsat 7 satellite pictures from all over the world!


Nasa page


Click the map to zoom in to the right place, then select "Select image" and click the map again. New window appears. Select there "Size 1024x768" or "Size 1600x1200", and click the picture several times to zoom in!


These are false colour pictures, taken about year 2000. Pixel size is about 15x15m


Some examples:


Amazon river


Lake Aral in 1990

Lake Aral in 2000. See the difference!


Pyramids in Giza


Lake Eyre in Australia in 1990. Nothing special...

Same area in 2000. Some wiseguy has made 4 km high human to the desert!


Ja sama suomeksi: Satelliittikuvia kaikkialta maailmasta voi katsella Nasan sivuilta. Kuvat ovat Landsat-satelliitin ottamia, ja ne ovat noin vuodelta 2000 (ja myös vuodelta 1990). Kuvat on valittu siten, että niissä ei ole pilviä.


Nasan sivut

Klikkaile karttaa haluamastasi kohdasta kunnes saat halutun karttaruudun näkyviin. Valitse sitten kohta "Select image" ja klikkaa karttaa uudelleen. Uusi ikkuna ilmestyy. Laita siihen kuvan kooksi esim "Size 1600x1200", ja zoomiksi esim 6 ja klikkaa kuvaa taas niin kuva tarkentuu.


Kuvat voi myös imuroida itselleen (noin 250 Megaa/kuva!, menee tuntikausia...), ja sitten katsella esim

ExpressWiew lisäosalla kuvaa.

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Thanks for the tips everybody! We must investigate these options and sites carefully. We were also thinking about cache event by using satellite cam.


Weather sets limits to this kind of project of course and a few othes problems may occur too. But let's keep on dreaming and figuring out what our changes might be?!

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