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Newbe Needs Help With Garmin

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Hello all,


I just received a Garmin Etrex Vista & I can't figure out how to hand enter the coordinates of caches into the GPS. Can someome please explain to me in simple terms how to do this so that I can navigate to the caches?


From what I have read, hand entering will get old quick............Any advice on the software that I need for computer downloading coordinates would also be helpful.


But at this time, just how to hand enter would be great.



Thanks much,




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Goto Main Menu


Select Mark icon


Use the click stick to navigate down to the field where the coordinates are and click it.


Enter teh coordinates using the number pad that shows up


Click OK.


You can rename the waypoint as well as choose a graphic for the waypoint.


The best way is to use EasyGPS or GSAK to upload coordinates to the unit. Hand entry gets old, -real- quick.


Good luck and welcome to geocaching!

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Get the GSAK program that is listed here in the forums. You won't need any of the other ones other than your MapSource that came with the unit.


You can select all of the caches on the search page and save them to a folder. Go to the next page and save them all to the same folder just increment the file number. When you are done saving the .loc files start up GSAK and go to FILE, OPEN GPX/LOC, I select the option to load a folder of files, point it to the location where my files are stored, check GPX and LOC, leave the default database and click OK. Everything should import. You can then use the EXPORT feature to send it to a file your GPSr software can use to load it to your unit.


One thing I learned the hard way is that I need to upload from my GPSr first to save my found caches and any tracks I may have made. Then I can add new waypoints using my import feature.

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Edit: Sorry, but with that handle, I couldn't resist.

If I might be so bold as to correct you:


You never use -....- (the Space) when writing Morse Code. <_< same with the "/"


You just put an extra space.


(one of my other hats says -. --... ... .--. -.-- )

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I think the quickest way to enter them by hand would actually be to hold down the click stick (once the gps has a lock). This brings up the mark waypoint page, edit the name, and coord numbers if needed, then select ok.


That's basically what I did before the days of EasyGPS down loads to the GPS.


I'd mark the spot where I was standing, then just edit it to match the coords on the cache page.


I still have waypoints in my GPS named "Cache1" , "Cache2", etc. that I use for multis. I edit the old coords associated with one of those waypoints to lead me to the next stage of the multicache.



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