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Favorite Day Hikes With Cache Opportunities

wandering beagle

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Having recently moved to Seattle, we are looking for some good weekend or day hikes in the area. At this point we feel overwhelmed with all the options, actually :angry:. Someone gave me a book with over 1000 hikes. What are some of your favorite parks/trails that you would suggest, that also have cache opportunities? Just curious what the locals like.



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Check my bio...caches planted section....Dorothy Cache, Gem Cache, Melakwa's Heaven, etc. Some are easier than others and one is on the extreme end....Dream Cache.


Otter Falls is on the way to Dream Cache and NOt Quite So Dreamy and is an excellent in of itself:



If you like steep climbs...and I mean STEEP



Do a nearest caches from Check the Mail cache and you'll see many other options

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I'd agree with Criminal. Pick a zip code and you'll find dozens of great hiking trails and parks anywhere in West. WA. It's amazing the diversity of caches and locations we have to pick from. I've only scratched the surface this past year of caching. Could WA state be the nirvana of geocaching?.....Here's my pick for miles of day hiking trails not too far from Seattle with 5 caches. Lords Hill

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Wow! Thanks for all of the suggestions. Ive got this book titled "Pacific Northwest Hiking" by Foghorn Outdoors that has a lifetime worth of options. I was actually thinking of heading over to Cougar Mtn first since its fairly close to Seattle. I think I'll wait until next weekend though--I don't get the impression that the county is quick to clean the roads of snow very quickly here!

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