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Unlisted Benchmarks


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First let me say I am not a Bench Mark hunter.. but I often make a note when I see one while geocaching and have attempted on many occasions to log them in afterward without success. Seems like most of the ones I find are not on the list. Any way to predict which ones are in the database and which ones are not.. and why some are and some are not? :(

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There are many different types of survey marks and benchmarks from many different public and private agencies everywhere, but the only survey marks that are in the GC.com database are the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) marks. Predicting which marks are in the database and which are not would be a crap shoot, although some types of marks have a higher possibility of being in the database. The only way to know for sure would be to check the database prior to your cache hunts. It is possible to search for nearby benchmarks from the cache page itself. I routinely check for marks this way if I'm going after a cache in a new area.


From the Benchmarking FAQ's:


I found a benchmark, but it isn't in your database. Why?

The NGS is not the only organization that creates and uses benchmarks and other types of control markers. For example, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) places survey markers at their dams, dikes, levees, flood control systems and other structures. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and other federal agencies, along with your county surveyor and private surveyors and engineers place markers that often appear very similar to geodetic markers, to reference land survey corners as part of the public land survey system. Your local highway department also may have set markers along highways, at major bridges and overpasses. Many markers have also been set in recent years by utility companies, telecom companies, and others engaged in laying pipe or cable over long distances, to mark their underground lines. In most cases, the information stamped on the disk will tell you, or at least give you a clue, about its purpose. Remember, all these markers are highly important, both to businesses and to individual citizens such as your neighbors, so please treat them with respect, while enjoying the thrill of the hunt. We'll try to find other databases and add them to the site as well. If you have access to one of these databases and would like to submit it to Groundspeak, contact us.


If you find a marker that isn't in the database, please do not email the site with the information. Unfortunately at the moment there is nothing to do with the information you send us. Hopefully, we'll have a way to report new benchmark finds in the future. In the meantime, feel free to challenge your fellow hunters to help you identify any markers you find that have only cryptic initials on them by posting a photo and description on the message board.


Hope this helps.


- Kewaneh

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Greetings & welcome to benchmarking!


As you have found, there are many different kinds of marks...only some are in the database. This thread might help understand why.


The only way to know for sure is to go the Benchmark Homepage

& put in your zip code, then go find the ones listed there.


Most of the ones we have found look similar to this photo...




But there are several that might say...




& there are quite a few other marks that are in the data base including 'rock cairns' (our favorites), airway beacons, towers, mountains, Dusty Jacket's visual (pictures) of a lot of different marks & even charts. - This is really worth a look!


I hope I have not over done it. But, it is hard to explain it simply & John is at work & you know how women love to go on... :(




Edited to add a "thank you to Kewaneh & Shark", Great post as always...thank you for the very quick answer & I had not gotten the link to the FAQ....I was going here & there for links & pics...otherwise I would have been quicker than you. :D

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There is also an old post I wrote about this topic while back that may also be something that you may find informational about survey markers not in the Geocaching database, I hope between all this information that you come out with a fair understanding. You can go directly to this post by clicking HERE.



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