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Projecting A Waypoint With Distance/degrees

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I am in the need of a program to project a way point when I have the following:


a. starting waypoint


b. distance to the desired location


c. the angel from the a to b.


I have a Garmin foretrex that projects a waypoint, but the problem is that the distance is to large to use for this to be any help.


The distance is only avaiable in 000.0 miles or 000.0km


For example I have a waypoint N33 14.031 w 097 52.201


I have a distance of 330 meters and an angle of 322 degrees...


what is the next waypoint to input?


Is there a converter somewhere?


Thanks for any help in this matter.



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Or, you could go to A with your GPS and a $10 compass. Take a compass bearing of 322 degrees, and walk 330 meters (about 400 steps) in that direction. That ought to get you pretty close.


The cache page may tell you if 322 degrees is from true north or magnetic north, but over 330 meters, it won't matter too much.

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Hello Pointdexter,


Ok.. (you are dealing with a rookie here)...


I figured out that I need to down the program, and did that without a problem.


Could you tell me how you entered the azimuth.


In the first station, I entered 33 14.031n and 97 52.201w then I entered 322 and distance of 300


I get an azimuth error.. could you tell me what I am doing wrong?


Thanks for your help

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We use a Meridian Color - does anyone know if there's a function to project waypoints in it? I downloaded the GeoCalc software (thanks for that heads up on that, by the way - thanks) but wondered if there's a way the GPSr will do it if I need it in the field?


We just had this discussion this past week - glad to see we're not the only ones. :rolleyes:

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I just wanted to add some additional information and explain why I need to know how to do this (sputnik57, I appreciate your reply)


I am currently setting up over 50 points on a map to do an Orienteering Course (For those who do not know what that is... www.ntoa.com).


On a map, I locate these different points, and then I have to go and set flags at these locations, so the distance could be from 100 meters to over 900 meters away from my starting point.


With the ability to project a gps location, I can then have my helpers load their GPSr and get within range where the flag is suppose to be hung.


In the same concept, I am setting up a GPS course with flags. With me knowing the projected waypoint, I can go to these areas on the maps, hang a flag, that the GPS runner will be looking for. Hope that makes sense..


So, any help in understanding the Forward/Inverse program would to calulate these points would be greatly appreciated....



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On a side note.... wouldnt it be nice if Garmin allowed for more decimal places in its distance and bearing fields for projecting waypoints? even better would be a choice for either feet, meters, miles, or kilometers instead of just miles. One decimal place on my basic etrex just doesn't cut it at all, and my Vista with two decimal places isn't that much better. Two decimal places in miles for a projection of a waypoint that is only 1500 feet away... puts my new waypoint off by 100 feet..... ughhhhh!!! (and yes, I'm converting feet to miles by division of 5,280 :rolleyes: )


Ok... end rant.....


Will the creater of GeoCalc.exe please step forward? lol

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can anybody tell me the correct format for entering the coordinat data in geocalc.exe?


hb'sbear? anybody?

Although I don't use it much or for quite some time I do recall that it will accept multiple formats allowing the user to copy and paste from other apps. without having to convert.

Here are some screen-shot examples:








Cheers, Olar

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i'm looking for a tool, calculating azimuth and distance between two waypoints (and vice versa), as described above, but running on a POCKET PC!

is there anything available?

Geocalc has an error in the distance calculation.


For example if you calc the distance along a Meridian 1° = 60 nm but Geocalc comes up with something like 59.704 nm


Of course it doesn't really matter for the distances we usually project in Geocaching. But still there must be a bug in the formula.



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i'm looking for a tool, calculating azimuth and distance between two waypoints (and vice versa), as described above, but running on a POCKET PC!

is there anything available?


Chuinga, I posted an excel spreadsheet that calculates direction and distance between two points. It is in the Yahoo mac maps utilities. Or, I'll email it to you.

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