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  1. I used to use a GlobalSat BT-359W with a Palm Treo. Very sensitive and accurate
  2. I had a chance to follow a surveyor who was marking points with an $80,000 GPS. I shot the same points using a Palm Treo 700P/Global Sat BT GPSr that I know to be pretty accurate and an iPhone using MobileX. For 9 pts., TREO avg diff for LAT was 5.63' and for LONG was 6.19'. For iPhone, 18' and 8.76', respectively. It was an open area. The iPhone is not as sensitive -- it takes awhile to update, where the Treo updates with every step -- but the accuracy isn't too bad. By the way, where I am (NW Ohio 41N and 83W), one degree Lat = 69 miles, Long. 53 miles. Using decimal degrees, the 4th decimal point, I calculate to be 36' and 28' for a one digit change in lat. and long., respectively. As the fifth digit moves up and down by one, it should be a 2'-3' change.
  3. I was with a survey one day and his GPS was showing accuracy at 3/8". I believe the cost was $80,000. I am using a Magellan MMCX and with post-processing, we get <1'. These are hobby-type units that would be good for geocaching.
  4. For my business, we have a Magellan Mobile Mapper CX that runs Windows CE .NET 5.0. We use ArcPad and ArcMap on the office desktop to map stuff. Works great. I am wondering if there is navigation software and maps that will run on this unit so that we could navigate to a lat/long (even a geocache?) or an address. I assume, if available, it would run independently from ArcPad, which is OK. I just want to use the unit like we all use a hobby-type GPSr. I know this is kind of off topic, but I am hoping this group can help. Any ideas?
  5. I could have sworn that I saw a geocaching on iPhone category under "GPS and Technology." Was I imagining? What happened? I was looking forward to monitoring the threads there.
  6. I have used a Palm application called Tracker. I scanned a Canadian map in 3 parts and combined the 3 parts into one map in Photoshop. Tracker allows you to calibrate the map -- you can use the lat/long on the map, 3 of them, then the map is calibrated. Worked great and allowed me to navigate on a fishing lake way up in Canada.
  7. I use TomTom on a Palm Treo 700P to get close, and then switch to GeoNiche. This link may be helpful. http://www.bioneural.net/2006/01/13/geocac...n-for-mac-palm/
  8. I use a US GlobsalSat BT GPSr with a Palm Treo 700P. (I use it with TomTom, too, and it is much better than the TomTom-supplied GPSr.) Amazingly accurate and sensitive. So, I recommend that. But don't you need some software on the phone that can receive the GPS data and make it intelligible? On the Treo, I have a number of GPS apps, but the one that is best for geocaching is GeoNiche.
  9. one of the reviewers of the app points out that you can't zoom in or out. deal killer for me thus far. Larry James, MacGPS Pro, says that they are coming out with an iPhone app and I am assuming that means using USGS maps. And, yesterday, the announcement of OS 3.0 portends new features. So, I am waiting.
  10. be paperless and garman-less, as well. use a BT GPSr and GeoNiche.
  11. be paperless and garman-less, as well. use a BT GPSr and GeoNiche.
  12. why buy hardware that will only run one piece of software? iPhone will run a number of different geocache apps, each with different capabilities, to say nothing about thousands of other apps.
  13. why buy hardware that ties you to their software? look at the software that has come out for iPhone and iPod Touch already -- including geocaching.com's own version. That's where the technology is headed, I believe.
  14. the new app looks great and i will download and try. but isn't it a huge problem that it works only where one has cell coverage? most the places i cache don't have cell coverage. what am i missing? iGeoCacher works without cell coverage -- much like GeoNiche does with a Palm device.
  15. go to the points on the survey and record the lat and long from your gps. i was able to do this, then scan and calibrate the map using the known points. did this on a palm with software called GPSTracker. You may be able to do it with other software.
  16. how about iGeocaching? I have been watching its development via a Yahoo group, but I do not yet own an iPhone. looks like it will do the trick
  17. I suggest a BT capable Palm. GeoNiche software. And a BT GPSr by USGlobalsat.
  18. i use a globalsat BT GPSr with a Palm Treo 700P (and GeoNiche) and I can't believe how sensitive and accurate it is. it's true, a palm or phone can't take the beating a dedicated GPSr can, but there are cases, waterproof bags, etc. I take it to Canada fishing (and navigating with scanned in maps).
  19. I think it is a device that doesn't tie one to any one company's software. Hence, I vote for a Palm with BT and a BT GPSr (check out GeoNiche) or an iPhone (check out iGeocacher in the iTunes app store.
  20. I've made a little Excel spreadsheet that will convert any format to any other. I'll email it to you.
  21. look at the iPhone thread in this forum. after only two months, there are apps for geocaching that look outstanding. more will come as developers are free to do whatever.
  22. I can't wait for this app. I hope it works as advertised. GPS Kit also looks good. I need a few non-geocaching attributes on iPhone before I switch -- voice dialing, turn-by-turn voice navigation, remote wipe for a lost phone -- but it won't be long when apps like this coming out!
  23. check out the iPhone thread near this thread and view the video for Geode. that's the future of paperless. the iPhone with GPS and the iTunes App store are only two months old and it has come this far. I don't care who the company/developer is, Garmin or whatever, when the hardware is opened up to thousands of developers, develop will progress at heretofore unprecedented speed.
  24. I am a GeoNiche user, too. I use it with a Treo 700P. Great Palm software.
  25. rather than get a Palm with WIFI, I'd suggest getting a Palm with BT. Get a BT GPSr. Use GeoNiche, geocaching software for Palm that uses the BT GPSr. Works great. Just do a PQ, convert gpx to bdb using babel and put the pdb file into the Palm.
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