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  1. Okay, I'm VERY new to the scrapbooking thing... what is digi-scrapping? Do you do the pages and save them on the computer, as opposed to putting them in a scrapbook? I'd love to find some geocaching scrapping stuff... goodness knows we have TONS of geocaching pictures to use to make pages. :-)
  2. Interesting thread - hadn't thought about approaching things this way when we travel, but it might be fun.
  3. We also leave the DNF's because they often were as much fun or have as good a story as the find that comes later.
  4. I think we've sufficiently covered that the coords need to be as accurate as possible... I'd reiterate that concentrating variations on the hide technique is a much better strategy for making it a little more difficult. Or the camo on the cache container. We've found a few where the camo was so good on the container that spot-on coords were essential (and so were lifelines).
  5. hb'sbear04

    Earth Caches

    That's too bad - we've always enjoyed the webcams and virtuals... we've only done one earthcache, but thought it was a cool idea too. I haven't had time to explore the Waymarking site and figure it out... plus, I like having the idea of having it all on one site.
  6. We have a Meridian color right now and are considering an XL (we've decided it's finally time to become a 2-GPS family). :-) I think I've found the answers to most of my questions, except this one: If you have, say, a 512 SD card, can you really load more than one map and toggle between them? We prefer Direct Route to Topo because we've found we use the GPS a lot more for navigation while driving. Direct Route caps the file size at 64mb, meaning that we need 2 maps to make the drive from our house in MS to my sister's in MD. Does anyone know if I can load both maps on the same card and just switch en route? Or do I have to have separate cards? Looked at this unit at Bass Pro Shops yesterday - the guy indicated you'd need separate cards, but consumer reviews seem to indicate not. Thanks for the help.
  7. Short version: Younger sister's husband got a GPSr for Christmas and got involved... the next time we were together, husband went with them and was hooked (I was recooping from surgery and a bit skeptical)... as soon as I could hobble down the trail, I tagged along. Was hooked from the word go. Then we got his parents, our mom, older sister and her son recruited into the fold. It's quite a hoot when we all go together - someone could get hurt in the fray. ha ha ha
  8. I've used mine on Northwest and Southwest flights, but I found a notice in American's in-flight magazine that they specifically prohibit them during flight.
  9. Man!! I wish we'd have seen one of these when we were caching along Rt. 66 a couple of weeks ago in Arizona. Would have been AWESOME!!
  10. We've talked about this several times in my little racially diverse "lunch bunch." Usually after they're done rolling their eyes at my latest geo-adventure. :-) I've invited all of them to go with me... I think their not being into it (whites and non-whites) has a lot to do with: 1) it does seem kind of nerdy to them and not very cool, and 2) it's something that is very unfamiliar to them, plus their family and friends will think they've lost their mind just like they think I've lost mine. As a matter of fact we were talking about it again today because we ran into another friend (African-American) that already has a GPSr and has heard of geocaching (possibly from his friend that's in our lunch bunch - an African-American woman in her mid-40's... probably the most likely to try it out of the whole bunch). They kind of laughed at me again, partly because of my nerdy enthusiasm. Then they made some crack about the white folks taking them into the woods. Keep in mind that we talk very openly about race on a regular basis, so it was entirely good-natured ribbing and not really them being scared. We've talked about race in several contexts, not just geocaching - I've been to their churches and some of them have been to mine. In the case of those I've talked to, it's entirely about the 2 reasons I mentioned above because one of the black guys is very much an outdoorsy country boy who enjoys hunting, fishing, competition shooting, etc. In fact, he challenged me to find a picture of non-whites geocaching, which I did (Pocahontas cache in Mississippi also has some cache-cam pictures of non-whites - very interesting... 2 caches mentioned in this thread that have non-whites pictured caching are in Mississippi - probably not a place that a lot of folks would think of when they think diversity and open discussions about race). As for the pictures on the front page, these folks I've talked to have made up their minds having never SEEN the gc.com page. I doubt it makes much difference either way - I think the pictures are a fabulous plus to the site because they show all kinds of people having FUN - lefties, righties, Italians, Poles, pickle-eaters, short-haired, vegetarians, meat-eaters, long-haired, nerds, techies, outdoorsmen and women, two-legged, four-legged, etc. DEFINITELY NOT A LIABILITY in my book. All of this is very unscientific but is to say that the question posed is valid, and one that has been brought up more than once... in fact, the non-white folks in my little group posed it to me first.
  11. Dang!! Skip took my answer... now I'll never have a Team Fisur Geocoin! Rats!!
  12. We're 33 and 43; my mom caches with us (67), as do his mom and dad (both 64); my sister and nephew also come up to cache with us a lot (39 and 8). My sister and her husband got us started (both 32). I guess that makes our average age 42-ish.
  13. Don't know about caches, but our antipode (sp?) is there!!! Swing by, would ya? Looks like there's a road 6 or 7 miles away - no biggie, right? Just kidding on this, by the way. Except the antipode part. Have a great trip - you're exactly right... it's a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many folks; I trust you'll make the most of it.
  14. Okay, if I did it right, ours is in a VERY remote part of China... pulled it up on Mapquest... no roads for at least 5 miles... talk about bushwhacking our way in!
  15. Gosh, we're so sorry to hear about your loss. Those little guys just grab a-hold of your heart, don't they? Hope you find another buddy soon - the trails are so much more fun when you get to bring along the 4-legged family members. We only got to take our black lab on one caching trip - it was the greatest time!! Hang in there -
  16. We stayed at the Cherry Hill campground mentioned above several years ago (sadly, before we found geocaching). Was a nice place, as I remember, plus there's a bus stop right there; made it very easy to get around without having to drive in DC. Sister and brother-in-law live in MD (a little further out in western MD) - the posts above are definitely correct - a cache-rich environment! Have fun!
  17. I love it!! We only got to cache once with our black lab KT before we lost her the week of Christmas. Took her to the Smokies at Thanksgiving - she LOVED it! Hadn't seen her act so "pup-ish" in a long time (she was 12). We got one or two pictures of her with us caching - husband keeps one on his desk at work to make him smile when salespeople are being toot-heads.
  18. That's so funny - we were just talking about this at bunko tonight. A friend and I were talking, and I mentioned geocaching... she said she uses a GPSr for her job at the Soil & Water Conservation District to mark ponds, etc. She didn't know there was anything else to do with it... mwhahahaha - now she wants to go geocaching with us... might have hooked another one into the fold.
  19. I think most would frown on logging a find each time, but logging your visit with a note instead is fine. We've done that several times ourselves. Especially when you can help a TB along on its mission - it's owner would thank you!
  20. Oh, and I agree with the suggestion for a CITO event - and PUBLICIZE IT. Definitely need one close to the bill's sponsor's hometown and try to get someone from the local paper to cover it.
  21. Don't forget this angle: I take it SC has two houses - State Senate & House. If this bill passes the House, it'll go to the Senate and has to pass there too, right? Maybe you can also start working to head it off in that direction too. Best of luck in your efforts. :-)
  22. Oh, sorry, I misunderstood on the moving travel bugs without a log. I would consider a note a log just like a find or a DNF, because it shows up as an entry in the online log. I thought when you were referring to "not leaving a log" that there wasn't any kind of entry, not just a find/no find. Seems like splitting hairs to me - with the exception of leaving a note because you've already logged a find, if you're going to go to the trouble of leaving a note to move the bug, why wouldn't you go ahead and log the find? I mean, really, the is so much cuter than the notepad. he he he
  23. We had the same situation with a cache we found in a state park last fall. The website showed it hadn't been found in about 10 months, but there were a couple other logs. I didn't get it either - having hid a couple of caches of our own now, we enjoy the emails as much as anything. I agree with others that if someone took the time/expense to hide a cache for you to be able to find, it's a nice gesture to log your experience online. If you don't feel confident in writing some huge epistle, that's cool. Just a quick little something to know you enjoyed the hunt or there were problems, etc. Oh, and someone above mentioned that as long as they are "... moving travel bugs..." How can they do that without logging online? Not being smart, I just can't figure out how they can move them and the bugs show up in the correct cache for others to find.
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