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Grid Reference To Country Translation

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Have a look at Streetmap.co.uk. I think you have to enter Northings & Eastings rather than Landranger Grid but it also has a useful co-ordinate conversion facility which converts Lat/Long to OS (including Landranger) and even postcodes.


The conversion page is not easy to find - look at the blue box below the 'Ask Jeeves' advert.


Hope this helps.


Edit: Just opened my eyes enough to see that you can enter Landranger as well as OS Grid directly.

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I could try asking my pc to look at a world map on my wall, but I don't think it would know what I was talking about!


Thanks for the streetmap advice, but I don't see anywhere that converts OS/Landranger etc down to a specific Country. It's the text in the web page I'm after, as that's what will be translated by my program. Ho hum!

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The Streetmap conversion page will return a postcode which in turn could maybe be checked against some form of address finder?


A bit messy but could be made to work I assume. The main problem is likely to be that all the automated address finders I've seen require a fee or have very limited functionality.

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