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For the 60C get City Select since it will support auto-routing. The current version of MetroGuide has the same road detail and POIs, but only supports auto-routing on a PC, not directly on the GPS receiver. [MetroGuide will work on the 60C in other respects, but is only a little cheaper so getting the auto-routing makes City Select the preferred product.]


Note that the above applies to the maps for North America and the ones for Europe. In some other parts of the world there are additional differences between these products.

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i have exactly the same ques on my new vista c. i'm still playing with it and have about a million ques, but i know i want the topo map and one of those two street maps. (i just hope the memory holds the topo and street maps!) i guess 'tis the season for christmas present questions galore!! ;)

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MetroGuide V3 will auto-route on a 60CS.......been using it on mine since April this year. The compatibility issue with the 60CS and MetroGuide starts with V5, I believe.


The CityGuide probably has more current POIs and newer streets, but I have been able to get around just fine with V3.


As far as auto-routing goes, I'm not totally impressed with it. The routing does not always take me the way I want to go.....it does, however, re-adjust the route if you ignore a turn. So, in that respect, I would have to say that it does a good job of getting you to your destination. You also need to be careful of the options to get you there in the shortest time or distance. You might end up getting on the interstate and going 10 miles out of your way, just to go to the local quickie-mart for a carton of milk.


Good luck and have fun with your new gadget....


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MetroGuide V3 will auto-route on a 60CS...


As far as auto-routing goes, I'm not totally impressed with it.

If it does auto-routing then the version you have was sold as and is generally referred to as version 4. [Garmin's version numbering is confusing since that version does list the MetroGuide data as 3.00 while the box and description say 4.01.]


The version you have is based on TeleAtlas data whereas the newer MG and City Select/Navigator products use NavTeq maps. The routing is generally much better using the NavTeq data. OTOH, the old version 4 MetroGuide included lots of marine data and some trails that are not on the newer NavTeq versions.


Denali7, with the VistaC, would probably be happiest with City Select-NA since that model also supports auto-routing.

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