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  1. i have the same problem, only with my garmin gpsmap 60c
  2. What do you mean numbers aren't important? Without numbers, there would be no geocaching! No co-ords! LOL, JK.
  3. Anyone know what the name is of that universal IM program? It works with all other ones. Like AIM, MSNM, Yahoo, etc.
  4. I remember Donell. He was on Road Rules way too long. He should have been the first one off.
  5. After jumping from a plane they used GPS units to find keys that were needed to unlock boxes with dog tags (travel bugs?) and it guided them to the finish line. I doubt any of y'all were watchin' it but I think it was kinda' cool. I don't think Geocaching was mentioned though.
  6. I use the same settings you do. Except I also use the WAAS feature. Do you?
  7. Can you put that stuff on a GPS!!!????
  8. Since y'all are new to caching, I suggest starting off with easy, 1 or 2 star caches. Also, make sure they are regular size ones. The kiddie will like the trinkets in them and they are much easier to find.
  9. Thanks guys, I'm glad I asked because I was about to get metro guide. Thanks
  10. Oh, nevermind, I read the description of the cache.
  11. What is the difference between MapSource City Select And The Metro guide. I want street maps and auto-routing on my 60 C. What's better?
  12. Where is the cheapest place to find MapSource CD's?
  13. Chaz

    A Christmas Wish

    I just right click "Log this cache" and select "open in new window".
  14. How do I download waypoints to my GPSMAP 60C? I've got the MapSource porgram that came w/ the GPSr, and EasyGps. The EasyGps program doesn't have the 60C in their database. Do I need to use a different file format? Any help would be appriciated.
  15. That' cool, Just as an Idea, when new cachers sign up, that should be sent by e-mail to show them the rules and guidelines.
  16. Sound like fun, now if only I could get there somehow.............
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    What's a Charter Member?
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