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Help Describing This Survey Marker

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I am finding these all over the state of Vermont lately. I have started to make a digital collection of them for some use (what that is, I have no idea). I have 8 of them so far. They are dated 1933, 1958, 1968...there is no ryme or reason. Anyone have any ideas?




I cannot for the life of me analyze and decipher the marking system being used. The monuments themselves are about 3 feet tall and of a uniform size. They are made of concrete. I am finding them along the older routes throughout Vermont.

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Probably not ROW but highway construction project markers. All Federal Highway projects have a Project ID which refers to the plans. Back in the old days these were affixed to bridges and along federal highway routes or highways the federal dollars were used in the construction of. The prefix FA I have seen on many old highway plans and ROW of maps. In Michigan they used triangular shaped concrete posts and attached brass plaques with this info on them. A lot of them don't exist anymore for various reason such as as being in the way of new construction, destroyed by utility and maintenance work, deterioration and stolen by vandals.


FA stand for "FEDERAL AID" Project, meaning tax dollars used.


The reason they seem all over the place is that each project was difference in length etc.


In the photo the old highway (first built with federal $$) was in the direction of the arrow and so on. One project ended here and another started here. If you went to the records center for the DOT I would bet the plans are filed by these codes.


And BTW, these are not survey markers, the were placed by the contractor pursuant to directions given on the construction plans and mandated by the FHA (Federal Highway Administration).

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