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60cs Question

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Ok, I am not sure where I am supposed to ask questions now...LOL

If this is in the wrong place or this has been answered, please correct me!


Sputnik (spelling?) informed me to get a turn by turn path, you must set it to 'follow road'. I have mine set as that (not prompted), and I STILL get a straight line path rather than a path following the road. Is there another setting that I have wrong? Every now and then I get a path following the road, but it isn't consistent.



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We bought no extra software. Is it necessary? I am sure it is, but am clueless as to which one to get or is there more than one? Is that the only way to get the follow road option to work? I know will eventually need the extra software, but was putting it off until we learned to the unit a little better.

Thanks so much


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Can you tell us what you recommend for additional software. I am sure we don't need to have the highest quality, but since we are so new to geocaching we don't even know the basics we need. This does however look like a forever hobby as we are really enjoying going off the beaten paths. However, we do not want to spend a ton of money all at once. Is there a basic software we will surely need to add to get the best results?


Thanks for helping us,


Cajunsis of the Cajun Crew

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If you are looking to take advantage of the autorouting capabilities of the 60c/s then you will need to buy city select. (i think city navigator will work also but i know nothing about it) I bought city select brand new for just over 100 dollars. many other people will tell you that TOPO maps are very useful. that all depends on where you live and geocache. i have topo maps loaded in mine but i almost never use them but i also live in a rather populated area and city select covers pretty much everything.


two great places to get info are

60cs thread

A recently organized version of the previous thread

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City Select is good. You might as well take advantage of what your GPS can do and you can always use another Christmas present!


A few other things: Make sure to always calibrate your compass after EVERY battery change.


Check that your "Follow Road options (setup>routing>Follow road options) aren't 'Avoiding' too much. I only avoid U-turns.


And that you are set to Car/Motorcycle.

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The 60C should autoroute on its basemaps with no other softward. The problem is that the basemap doesn't have very much detail, so when it gets to an area with no roads, it just draws a line straight to the cache. If you want to go from LA to Denver, the autoroute should work with basemaps alone. If you want to get to 1745 W 37th street (or to a cache in the woods) it draws a straight line from the nearest point on the base map to the final destination.


I need to double check this on my GPSr, but I'm pretty sure that this is right.

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Sputnik, that is what I thought. It should do it automatically. It does it occassionally. hmmmm

The other problem we are having is that it isnt' giving us a route from the point we are standing at to the cache we tell it to find. It will give us a route from one cache (nowhere near where we are) to the cache we are finding. It is wierd. I'll play with it somemore tomorrow.


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The other problem we are having is that it isnt' giving us a route from the point we are standing at to the cache we tell it to find. It will give us a route from one cache (nowhere near where we are) to the cache we are finding.  It is wierd.  I'll play with it somemore tomorrow.


If you are in "Geocaching Mode" and have found a cache, and then tell the unit to find the next cache, it will do its best to route you from the found cache to the next one, and will keep doing that until you tell it not to.


On the map screen, press MENU, and then 'Stop Navigation' (I think. I'm doing this from memory). Then, when you have a satellite lock, press FIND->'Geocache'->select the cache->ENTR-'GoTo'.


I may need to edit this when I have my GPSr in front of me, but that should be pretty close.


Edit: The above is pretty accurate. CajunRose, it sounds like you GPS is still trying to navigate based upon what you told it to do last. This may or may not have occurred in Geocaching mode. Any time the GPSr is navigating, it will keep navigating until you arrive, or you tell it to stop, even if you turn the unit off and then back on. You have to expressly tell it 'Stop Navigation'.


For some reason, I didn't get the 'Stop Navigation' choice from the Map page the first time I tried it, but could get to it from the Compass page, the Turns page or the Trip Computer page. Once you press MENU->'Stop Navigation'->ENTR, the GPSr will go back to showing you where you are, will let you find a new place to which you can navigate, and will route you from here to there.

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