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  1. Does not know how to read my files. I had a computer crash about a month ago, finally figured out how to d/l the city streets again, (you know, the unlocking issues), and I put Trip and Waypoint manager on. I thought that was supposed to make it readible? What am I forgetting? When I click on 'select the caches', and then 'save'... it says it cannot read the .loc file - which leads me to believe it is still locked? However, I can save maps and transfer on my City Streets, so why can't I d/l caches? I hope someone can help me figure this out. By the way, I have a Gamin 60cs and I have cached a good bit. It is the stupid computer operator that is having problems... lol... I really want to go caching today! Euvah
  2. I purchased a Garmin 60cs several years ago. Right before Katrina I purchased the City Select v6 which after much todo we finally got the code unlocked and I have used daily on my GPS. My computer crashed last month. I loaded the MapSource disc on the new one and it says I need an unlock code. I have no idea where it is. I called Support who says I never registered it - basically tough luck. I have no reason not to have, but I guess with the Katrina/Rita ordeals it might have happened, though I doubt it. I have searched and searched, but I keep all of my discs in one place and though there are 4 discs total (with the original set up discs on 2 Garmin 60cs gps') there is no unlock code - either for mapsource OR for the city select. I even have all the little booklets! I am helpless with out it, and I guess I have no way to get it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am very frustrated. We paid $400 each for 2 GPS's, and another $200 for the City Select to put on them. I am nearly in tears and have no idea what to do next. Euvah
  3. Yes, it is City Select. I guess the maps are just too big. Thanks for the help. I will just delete the ones I absolutely do not need. I really love this forum - you all are so very helpful. Thanks again, CajunSis
  4. I have a Garmin GPS60CS. Last month I went to California and needed the maps from San Francisco all the way to Oregon. I d/l them with no problem. This month I am going to Disney World and need those maps. I thought it deleted what was there and added the new ones, but I must be wrong? It says I don't have enough memory. I think if I had a ton of Cali in there, then there is room for some of Florida. Is there a way to delete the old to start with the new? I sure hope so! I will also want to d/l geocaches - but I did figure out how to delete the Cali ones... I just need memory! Can you help? CajunSis
  5. YAY! Thank you for pointing that out. I will use it - I can understand pictures, lol. I am four days into hurricane relief and exhausted. I am going somewhere tomorrow and needed this in case I have to re-route. I really can get this - just need rest TO get it. Thanks for all the help. I will let you know how I fared. Euvah
  6. Thanks, so much! I am not stressed now :-) Next, I travel all over the US so can I use maps and remove them? Euvah
  7. I am in over my head. I know. But please explain in simple terms what I am doing with this City Select. Apparently I don't have enough memory on the GPS to load all of the US, right? So do I load only what I need and then take it off when I need other maps? I have only d/l a few geocaches with whatever the system came with. I am incredibly confused with this City Select, and unfortunately for me I when I read directions they compute into German - I do not comprehend what I read well. Now I am not a stupid person, just lack comprehension problems when reading that 80 page direction book. This 'unlocking' is stressing me. I have it on my computer - no problem. I finally figured out how to get my state on the unit (I think). Then I read be sure to select every map you want to unlock cause there is no second chance. I have the entire US on my computer, but only d/l my state to my GPS. Did I mess up? PLEASE don't tell me I only get one state for $160.00!! HELP?? lol... Euvah
  8. Thanks SO much. I have used that before, but I never saw that it did anything! I am guessing that I needed the 'cluttering' software first, huh? CajunSis
  9. 3. If I buy the City Select and add it, does it clutter my screen? I mean is there a way to turn off the restaraunts, etc? I cannot imagine when I add additional highways, streets and then all that other stuff. I want to be able to SEE where I want to go! >> 3. Yes << So it clutters up my screen? Or is this a yes, I can turn it off? CajunSis *who really appreciates your answers...
  10. I have a Garmin 60CS and absolutely love it. It brings me within 5 feet of my caches (if THEY use a good gps), and was great in Houston when I forgot my map. However, I am considering the City Select/Metro Guide as an additional purchase. I have several questions before I make up my mind. 1. What is unlocked? I keep seeing this over and over... 2. What is the difference between Metro Guide and City Select? I am thinking I want City Select... not sure why? 3. If I buy the City Select and add it, does it clutter my screen? I mean is there a way to turn off the restaraunts, etc? I cannot imagine when I add additional highways, streets and then all that other stuff. I want to be able to SEE where I want to go! 4. Will I actually be able to d/l caches if I add City Select or will it take up all my memory? 5 million points of interest is a LOT of points! I don't seem to see how much memory City Select takes, nor (I know... dense) how much I actually have! 5. I saw Sam's Club mentioned, do they have either of these softwares? We do a lot of cross country traveling. I do see that I need a street map so I don't have problems like we did yesterday; we went in a 2 mile radius of a cache, but drove at least 20 miles to GET to it! Of course we were in an unknown area, so we had no clue what streets went through and what was a dead end. I don't mind spending the money on this, but I don't know the differences between the two mentioned programs. I don't want to spend this much money and have the wrong one or one so cluttered it does me no good. I know you have answered these questions thousands of times, so I hope you can copy and paste. I did try looking through the forum though... I will keep reading regularly now and maybe tons of questions will be answered for me. Thanks for your time and patience. You all must have a lot of patience. Does anyone ever look at a bridge or point of interest the same after caching? lol... CajunSis
  11. By George I think I have it! I knew I could do it on my GPS (Garmin 60cs), and I was r-e-a-l-l-y close, but I just could not figure out how to change the numbers. Thank you SO much for helping me out. We did find the cache, and I am still going to try to do it the old fashioned way, but gosh this GPS is just awesome! I get more and more impressed with it every day. Thanks again, I really do love this board. You all are such wonderful helpers. CajunSis of the CajunCrew
  12. A cache I would like to find today is from a 'projected' place in the gulf. I can't go into the gulf - and I know where the cache is (basically) but how do they want me to do this? I don't want to just go where it is, I want to do it by the directions they give me. Help? It is for this cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...dd-b74cb8640734 Can someone tell me where to look for directions on finding at bearing and figuring this out? Thanks, CajunSis
  13. Well thanks! I did just what you said and it went away. I might actually figure this thing out yet! I really appreciate it guys, and I will go to that Garmin link and read through it. Maybe I will l not have to bother you any more. Thanks again! Euvah
  14. When you are going to a waypoint and the GPS is showing the route, it shows your trail or track 0- a little brown line. How can I delete that? When I am going from one cache to another, I cannot see for the brown lines all over. I know there must be a simple answer, but my book does not seem to show it - or if it does, I cannot find it. I sure hope someone can help me. I just started Geocaching last month, and have logged 10 finds. I love this hobby, and I think my family picked the best GPS device ever - it takes me to within 20 feet of a find - and most of the time it is under that. Euvah
  15. cajunsis

    60cs Question

    Can you tell us what you recommend for additional software. I am sure we don't need to have the highest quality, but since we are so new to geocaching we don't even know the basics we need. This does however look like a forever hobby as we are really enjoying going off the beaten paths. However, we do not want to spend a ton of money all at once. Is there a basic software we will surely need to add to get the best results? Thanks for helping us, Cajunsis of the Cajun Crew
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