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  1. YAY!!!!!! You are my HERO!!!!! It worked!!!!!! Thanks so much. I have been fooling with this for HOURS. I thought I was going to have to buy another unlock code!! Thanks so much! Stephenie
  2. Ok, now that I have city select uploaded onto my computer, here is another issue. I loaded this software onto my husbands computer, I used MY unit and HIS unit on it. I unlocked both units on his computer. Now I want to use the software on MY computer with MY unit. I'm am having the hardest time. I was able to unlock the maps and download them onto my unit, but it didn't unlock them on my unit. My serial number was nowhere to be found on any of the software when it says "choose your unit". My husbands wasn't either for the record. What am I doing wrong??? Could they possibly make this any harder? Thanks Stephenie
  3. I installed my software a few months ago on my other computer. Now I want it on my new computer. It isn't letting me install. It almost seems like there should be a 3rd cd with what it is telling me. I am putting in the 1 of 2 cd and this is what I get: Please start this data cd install from the set up cd I don't see a set up cd. Am I missing a cd??? I have 2, do I need 3? Thanks so much Stephenie
  4. All of that is a little over my head yet...ROFL Thanks for the info though! Stephenie
  5. Ahhhhh, I see what they stand for now! Makes sense to leave them the way they are and just learn the icons! You have been a lifesaver!!!!! Thanks! Stephenie
  6. Ok, great! Got them loaded into my GPS. Last question, I think..rofl How do I change (before I download to my gps) the symbols? I got everythign from hunting area to hospital signs marked as the caches! Is there a way to change this before it loads? Thanks tons! Stephenie
  7. I ran the pocket query and set it to run on Thursday. Is that how I do it? I did put in my email address. I hit "run query". It goes to nearly the same looking page and says this: "Thanks! Your query has been generated. You can run the search on the nearest cache page." I get no email. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!!!
  8. I have been messing with it for over an hour now and I don't understand what I'm supposed to do to be able to download waypoints through it. When I open Spinner, it just gives me a black box and then it closes. I am trying to find info on the website and am not seeing what they are talking about. When I try to download a pocket query, it gives it to me in a .LOC file and from what I see, it needs to be a GPX file. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Stephenie
  9. We are wanting to place caches on a couple of private properties in our town that have historical value (one is one of the first oil rigs in our area and is now an offshore museum), one is a shrimp boat in the center of town (on neutral ground) and the other is a mardi gras museum. I'm going to talk to the mayor of the town just so he is aware of what the deal is in case a question arises later. My mom was left with 'ummm...." from the rig museum owner and I'm worried about the same for the mardi gras museum. How do you present your 'case' to people that really have no clue and it looks like to them, you are just a bunch of grown adults that have lost their minds? ROFL We have a great multi-cache planned and are excited about it, but are at a stand still now until we get permission from land owners. What can we say to make them see how wonderful this is and can be for our community? They are trying to get ppl into our community in the downtown area and this would help with that! Thanks! Stephenie
  10. I am new to this...or relatively anyway. We found this one on the side of an interstate (not saying where). It was great! Our favorite find so far! Stephenie
  11. Thanks so much for your quick response! We are off to get the bug (and feed the animals at the petting zoo!)
  12. There is a cache close to my house that has a tb in it and it has been in it for 2 months now. Can I just go get it and leave a note on the cache page? Is this bad to do? I can help it move to it's goal quite easily. I am visiting area where the cache is in about an hour so quick responses would be great! Thanks Stephenie
  13. Sputnik, that is what I thought. It should do it automatically. It does it occassionally. hmmmm The other problem we are having is that it isnt' giving us a route from the point we are standing at to the cache we tell it to find. It will give us a route from one cache (nowhere near where we are) to the cache we are finding. It is wierd. I'll play with it somemore tomorrow. Thanks!
  14. Email the owner, see if they'll add a new logbook, or just do it yourself. I can't tell you how many times I've put new logbooks in caches. Once I even replaced a broken tupperware container with a new ammo can. What goes around comes around, someone just replaced a soaked logbook in one of my caches a couple of weeks ago. The jar was completly empty. I knew it was the right one b/c it had geocaching.com on the top. We did put trinkets and some paper in it, but we didn't have a pencil small enough to fit. It has been 8 months since somebody found it with contents in it. There have been about 5 logs that they didn't have anything in the jar. At this point, should I mark that it needs to be archived? I did try to email, but the email address isn't valid anymore
  15. Ok, I am a newbie, so this question may be out of line. We have a cache in our area that is there, but empty instead. The last time it was found with something in it (besides water) was April 10. It has been logged many times as being empty. Should this one be marked as needing archived? Like I said I am a newbie, so I could be mistaken is posting this here. Thanks Stephenie
  16. Thanks *sigh* We bought no extra software. Is it necessary? I am sure it is, but am clueless as to which one to get or is there more than one? Is that the only way to get the follow road option to work? I know will eventually need the extra software, but was putting it off until we learned to the unit a little better. Thanks so much Stephenie
  17. Ok, I am not sure where I am supposed to ask questions now...LOL If this is in the wrong place or this has been answered, please correct me! Sputnik (spelling?) informed me to get a turn by turn path, you must set it to 'follow road'. I have mine set as that (not prompted), and I STILL get a straight line path rather than a path following the road. Is there another setting that I have wrong? Every now and then I get a path following the road, but it isn't consistent. Thanks Stephenie
  18. Yes it does help! I will read through it more when my eyes aren't closing..LOL We did go and look for the one close to my house and found it!!! I am so excited. It was so much fun! It amazed me to watch the gps device and all it could do. I ran some errands before I went and it showed me my path from my house to the cache. It was so neat. It got us within 7 feet or so before we had to look for it. It was so interesting to see it work. I can see us using this for many many things in the future! I don't completely know how to use the device yet, but it has so many possibilities! I need a Garmin 60cs for dummies book. You have been such a help! I was sorry that we got to the cache at dusk. I wanted to go find more! Thanks again Stephenie
  19. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! LOL Ok, I got the waypoints onto my gps, but the only place I can see them is in waypoints. When I go into the geocaching icon, it asks me to set up my geocache and has the little open treasure chest and the closed one. When I click on the open one, it pops up these icons. I am not sure what these are about at all. Also, is there a way I can name the geocaches other than by their number/letter name? I am not sure which one is which when I look at it. Thanks so much! Stephenie
  20. I am new to geocaching and new to the 60cs. I tried to read the informational thread here, but I think it is for more advanced geocachers and such. I am so new to gps systems and geocaching. I am VERY confused and don't even understand the basics. I would love to understand it enough just to look for one cache. I can't even get that far! Is there a basic beginners place to look? The manual isn't helping much. I am so excited to get into this but am upset that I can't just run out there and search for the cache that is .5 miles from my house! Thanks so much Stephenie
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