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Travel Bug Placement

Mr Lost
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Being fairly new to geocaching (about a month now), I am still early in the learning curve. I found a Jeep TB about 10 days ago, and am holding onto it to place it in my first cache. I have a great spot staked out, and everything is coming together nicely for this cache. The problem is that I am a graduate student, and my final exams are on Wed, Dec 15th. I will not be able to afford the time to set up the cache until after the end of the semester. I have Monday and Wednesday off of work, and plan to place the cache the following Monday (20th), and submit it that day.


I have recently got two emails from someone asking for the TB number. If I am to understand correctly, this is not kosher. The person must find the TB themselves. They stated in an email that there was an 'expiration' of two weeks for the bug. If this is so, I will run out to a cache right quick and drop it in. If not, I will place it in my cache as planned.


Am I breaking some kind of a rule, etiquette, or are otherwise endangering this bug? Please let me know what is considered appropriate in this situation. I try to be conscientious at all times.

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The last jeep contest ends on 12/31. Perhaps the inquirer is eager to find a jeep and enter the contest, and there aren't any other jeeps in the area.


While I would not e-mail the tag number to someone who hasn't found the jeep, I would encourage you to place it in a cache as soon as your personal schedule reasonably permits, so that someone else can find it. That doesn't need to be tomorrow or the next day, but as soon as you reasonably can. Same as for any other travel bug.

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You are dealing with people of all make and model. Some cachers are clean-freaks, some are religious of almost any variety, some are tree-huggers, some are unreliable, most are fairly normal....except for this one weird anomally about lost tupperware. Personally, when I'm holding a t.b., I'm the one driving myself batty about getting it placed well. Others lose a t.b. under the junk on the dresser for months at a time. Do a good job, but don't get too freaked about a compulsive person's personal agenda. I once drove a hundred miles to be sure a t.b. got placed in the best location for its mission. You don't have to do that. But if YOU want to....

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