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Short Hills Map


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After reading the excellent article from the Ontario Geocaching Assoc., I thought that when I visit SW Ontario next week I would go looking for Deer Bait, and likely 1-2 other caches in that park.


I'd like to get my hands on a map that shows the Short hills trails. Preferably one that also has a UTM grid, but that is probably asking for too much. Worse comes to worse, if I can get a decent trail map I can always plot the trails onto the 1:50 topo sheet.


Anyone got any suggestions or, preferably, links?


I realize that I don't need a detailed map, necessarily. But, I like maps!




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The Ministry of Natural Resourcesweb site has topo maps. Hard copy for sale from the MNR store or create a custom digital view from Land Information Ontario. I created a topo map of the Short Hills area using the application. It is Cartographically ugly, but workable.


Or better yet, Geographynetwork.ca has Ontario base data & it is downloadable in several formats. (and it looks alot better than LIO)


-Donna G

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Thanks for the suggestion.


Topo maps aren't the problem. Any map or data isn't going to have the park trails mapped and identified -- or at least, wouldn't expect it to.


I need a map or a shapefile that shows the established trails for the park. If it doesn't have what else I need (topography and a grid) then I can put it onto an existing map.




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