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Oregon Caves National Monument

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Thinking about taking my wife up to The Chateau at the Oregon Caves National Monument and looking for advice from those of you in the area (we're from CA).


1) Is the Chateau nice?

2) Is the cave tour worth 90 minutes of our trip time?

3) Where are good caching areas near by?


I've looked up the area which appears to not have caches close by (NPS, right?); so I'm looking for advice on areas clsoe by that offer nice hiking and some caching.


Not big on urban micors, I'd rather get some nice suggestions on nearby parks, wilderness areas, etc. At home we prefer State Parks and the like that offer nice hiking and a few caches at the same time.


We would just be doing a 3-day weekend, so nothing to far.


Appreciate all suggestions, waypoints to look around, etc.



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The cave tour is awesome, Miss C and I took it 5 or 6 years ago. I hear they have opened more areas to the public since then. As far as the rooms at the Chateau ...unless they've remodeled....they are not very plush. The dining was great, though. Bring your own light and dress for caving.

We went before geocaching started, but there are many caches in the area now and some very cool cachers around Cave Junction and Grants Pass.


If they still group strangers together for the guided tour, try to get people of your physical caliber in your group so there aren't too many stragglers slowing the pace. We had a group with some very unsteady older folks that finally bailed out at the midway point. I'm sure they had no idea of what they were in for when they started. No offense intended, especially to the 50-60-70 year olds that can walk my tail off. :(

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1) Is the Chateau nice?

2) Is the cave tour worth 90 minutes of our trip time?

3) Where are good caching areas near by?



The Chateau is very nice... I've never stayed there but I've heard a lot of nice things.


The cave tour is pretty cool... I've been through a couple of times and I like it. If you like Caves at all it is worth the time.


The closest cache to the Caves is What a Novel Idea. That is a large and very nice cache.


Waldo Cemetery cache is a pretty nice one.

Flower Power is a good hike especially in the spring.

What A Jewel has a great view.

Kirby Peak is one of my favorite caches, but it is a 3 mile hike


There are a few other caches in the Cave Junction area including a few micros and a virtual. 30 Miles up the road is Grants Pass where I live... lots of caches there... depending on the time of year I can recomend lots of areas.

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