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You Wait Months For A New Cache...

The Hokesters
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mine has been up for over a month and nobody has been able to do it!!!

Ought to put a twenty pound note in it and see how many are financially driven!!




Well you do say its COLD and WINDY, you need to swim half a mile or get rescued from mud flats


it is on an island just south of Emsworth. requires a journey of about 1/2 mile so quite a swim!!! although I believe you can get to it at low tide, though the coastguard recently rescued some children from the mud about here
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Well, clearly C refers to planes flying over. So it must be a well-known plane number. That limits it to 737, 747, 757 or 767. But 757 is prime. So C=11*67 or 9*83 or 13*59. I also noted that, if the artists' dates were t to u and w to x, then A=2(t-w)+2(u-x) and B=2(t-w)+(u-x). So A must be even and A-B=u-x. So A-B+1 is a factor of C. By observation, the coordinates aren't going to be far from Kew Green, so A=30 is too far north (in Acton) and A=26 too far south. So A must be 28. By observation, B must be about 17, so A-B+1 must be about 12. So, either, B=18 and A-B+1=11 and C=11*67=737 which places the cache in Syon Park or B=16 and A-B+1=13 and C=13*59=767 which is in the M+S car park or thereabouts.


Re. our first multi cache we just hidden. The writer of this email did the cache without even going there! I won't say who cracked it - but he obviously has the brain the size of a planet. At least two have done it as intended! And one of his surmises is spot-on Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!


Blue in Kew

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