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Gps Accuracy

bear trax

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The only real difference is the patch or quad helix antennae. For example, the Garmin eTrex series uses the patch and the 60C/S and 76C/S series' use the quad helix antennae. Both have advantages but most people seem to like the quad helix better. I have owned an eTrex Yellow and now own a 60C and personally like the 60C better. Many more features and the antennae seems to hold a lock in tree cover better.

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Quite frankly, people get too hung up on accuracy. Any modern recreational GPS receiever is more than accurate enough for geocaching. Once you're within 5m of the coordinates, you shouldn't even be looking at the GPSr.


Plus, when it comes to GPS accuracy the single most important factor is the position of the satellites. Period. Learn how to properly read your satellite page, it gives you a lot of valuable information.




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Is the "quadifiler" antannae in the sportrak map any different than those mentioned above? WHat exactly is it?

A misspelling. Quadrifilar means that the antenna has 4 (quad) filaments. Since these filaments are arranged in a spiral shape the design is also called quad-helix. Good (and bad) GPS antennas can be made in both this design and the patch design and it's a mistake to focus on the type rather than the specific implementation.


People who switched from the b&w eTrex series (patch) to a 60c/cs (quad-helix) to get better reception under foliage generally find that they can further improve reception by using an external antenna from Garmin or Gilsson (both patch).

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