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  1. Wow. 6 pages about nothing. Kind of funny a cache in Texas is the cause of a heated debate. In fact, anything about Texas is pretty funny. Heck, when I was drivin through on my cross-country trip a few years ago I was laughin my a** off the whole dang time. And I have no idea why. Maybe it was the "dont mess with Texas" signs all over the place. I was like "no actually, I would not like to 'mess' with any state for that matter, im just drivin through - in fact, the faster I can get out of this god-forsaken land the better." Ahh... the good ol days. (hey all in good fun, right? I could make fun of any state)
  2. Ah, yes, good point. So how about we put a virtual cache at our local dump. In order to log it, you have to toss at least 5 pounds of cache-trash into the heaps of garbage and take a pic to prove it.
  3. They wouldn't. It is another way to view the data, not the only way to view it. Data is data and can be viewed many ways. Through aggregate scoring (This cache has been rated top 10% of caches by x users) or by listing (Here is x user's favorite caches). At second glance, it looks like I may be able to implement this as part of the idea of lists instead of creating a whole new system. I'll just create two list types - ignore list and top 10% list - and apply rules to them. This doesn't mean much to some but it does mean that I may be able to get to do this sooner. So would you simply click on "Add to Favorites" the same way you click on "watch this cache"? This sounds like way too much trouble. I gotta have information ready and handy, or else I wont go through the trouble. I really dont even know what the heck you are talking about with this 10% n stuff jargon. How hard would it be to just put a rating system for caches on every cache page?! (yea ok, maybe a lot of trouble for the webmasters, etc, but hey...)
  4. If people dont know how to place a good cache they should be let know. Nicely, of course. And an ambiguous rating system might be just the key. There needs to be ratings of all caches, because what if there was a cache that had been visited 40 times in a year and it had no rating? Thats the same way of saying, "your cache is garbage and you might as well huck it in your local trash dump." And just so newbs (like me) dont throw out 1's and 10's for every cache they see, you could make it so only exp'd. cachers get to rate other caches. Like only cachers who have found over 50 or 20,000 or whatever.
  5. yegah. thats a newb for you! nvmd.... ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
  6. I was thinking about so many people getting upset over lame caches and thought there might be a solution. Not a 100% effective, foolproof method solution, but something that might help. How about we devise some sort of rating system for each cache posted? Only people who have found the cache can rate it. And it would be some sort of rating that would give an idea of how well-put-together and planned the cache was. And if its being maintained, etc.... I know, the comments posted should give an idea of that, but I dont always want to read 20 postings to get a general idea of something that might not even be addressed by any of the cachers, anyway. The ratings would directly reflect on the cache owner's profile page. And say, in order to prevent newbs (like myself) from throwing out 1's or 10's (whatever the rating system is) only cachers who have found over 50 or 100 or whatever caches can post ratings of caches they have found. Either way, it seems there needs to be some sort specific, direct method of rating caches. What does everyone think?
  7. I have an idea, (bear with me here), I could put a 55-gallon metal drum on MY property and post it as a cache: A "Trash-Cache." People will come by and toss their cache-trash in instead of putting it in a REAL cache and then once a month (or week) I will light it on fire and post pics online of all the crap going up in flames. (I know, I know, I might have to weed out the plastic things and golfballs).... but wouldn't that be cool? Heh. AND, cacher get to post a find!!! the catch-phrase; "Trade down, trade even, or don't trade at all!"
  8. I use mylar dust jacket covers on my personal library. That's all I have to say about that.
  9. We all love Mctoys. Heh. That was a joke everybody.
  10. You're talking about the forums. Here we all "trade up or trade even". But somebody is out there taking Mini Mag Lites and leaving expired Sanka coupons and apparently they don't visit the forums. Yes, or they get to the cache and realize they forgot to bring stuff for trade *but they really want that gadjet there* so they rationalize that the trade is OK. May the Lord smite me if I ever do so....
  11. I have a couple of caches that require more time or effort. I have a loop series of 6 caches called the Africa Loop (a 4 mile loop hike) where I placed 40 custom buttons in the final cache. I found that people took a button and left a signature item of their own. I only leave my signature coin in a cache that I really enjoyed. So I guess people have different views on sig items. Setting up a travel bug, sig item, WG$ exchange is also a possibility. Try to pick an easy spot (though well concealed) where travellers can stop off and trade. So where could a guy buy these sig coins?? Ive looked around, but I guess Im missing the link. Or is this something homemade?
  12. *sigh* I guess in addition to a gpsr, I will have to somehow acquire a 5 to 8 year old in order to fully enjoy geocaching!
  13. Grimstone

    Gps Accuracy

    Is the "quadifiler" antannae in the sportrak map any different than those mentioned above? WHat exactly is it?
  14. Were you born a prick or did you practice to get so good at it? ^ | | | | Eh?
  15. The cache page says it included a "Ross Perot book." Kind of ironic that the first cache had political paraphanalia in it.
  16. This is really sad. In your opinion, does it help if you make your caches very hard to find? It seems that if a cache is very difficult, the only ones to get it will be dedicated and contienscious cachers.
  17. I don't believe I'm agreeing with solohiker, but I am. Probably, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th best things, too. Mopar...chill! Same here. Heck ive only found 9 caches so far, but my favorite ones are the ones the offer views.
  18. You just can't help yourself, can you? Nope! Know why? I know in my case my answers were some extremely special things. Many other people posting interesting, unusual, or valuable things. The first time this topic came up, many people contibuted their stories. Face it, how many times do you find "the best thing ever" in cache? Chances are for most people, the best thing they ever found in cache is probably the same best thing they talked about last month, and 3 months ago, and 5 months ago, and all the other times it comes up. Most people who already posted to 1,2 or 3 of the other threads probably aren't going to respond yet again to this one. .If the original poster is really interested in what's the best thing people have found in a cache, the best way to find out is use the Search button. For the record, my most recent response is 2 months ago in this thread. I think the world just may explode because of this slightly repetitive thread.
  19. Im not selling this, but I saw this on ebay and it looks like an awesome deal. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ssPageName=WDVW
  20. It seems to me that if we are to make caches available to everyone than there really is no way of getting aorund this. We cant control the behavior of others. What I plan on doing, (i am a newbie) is to place my caches in very very difficult locations so that the only people who could or want to get it are going to be dedicated geocachers, i.e. no kids. I just dont see any other detterent to this problem.
  21. How about normal? Altho, I think that in Oregon it's spelled Norml. heh. hey now. Oregon is cool. i was born there, and look at me.
  22. Mostly because it's against the guidelines for cache contents listed in geocaching.com's Cache Listing Requirements / Guidelines page: "Explosives, fireworks, ammo, knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools), drugs, alcohol or other illicit material shouldn't be placed in a cache. " It's not just "to protect the children", I think. It's partly to make land managers / government bureaucrats less likely to ban or restrict geocaching, since they're being assured that people aren't placing boxes of weapons on public property. Oh yea, that makes sense I guess... so that they could say there wern't any "weapons" on the premesis. For some reason i overlooked that when I was reading the guidelines. But dang, if I found a swiss army knife of something I'd be pretty exited (If I had something worth trading, of course).
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