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"hijacking" A Cache


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ok here's my situation.... I'm in South Korea and there is this cache that was placed in 2001 and nobody has been able to find it. (Including me) I emailed the owner and nothing. I was wondering if it is ok to replace the cache what i mean is I want to place a new container/logbook etc. Is that ok?

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If you mean assisting with maintenance, normally container replacement is best done by someone who has already found the cache. They can verify the container is truly gone.


If the cache has been abandoned by the owner for quite some time, replacing the cache is an option, as well as adopting it or having it archived and someone place a new cache. There is more to maintenance than physical care. Managing logs, updating the page or answering emailed questions require a responsive cache owner.


I would recommend contacting the local approver and have them determine the status of this cache. They may decide that the owner needs more time to respond or that the cache needs to change hands.


Good Luck.

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Well if you replace it, would you want to log a found on it? :P


My personal opinion is that the cache was never there in the first place. Or was 'lost' very soon after placement.


You could replace it, but what does that offer? A cache for people to actually find and maybe a historical cache that might be the first in that country (I haven't checked if that's true). You also have no one to update the cache page or respond to inquiries. In short you are the owner by proxy, maintaining a cache with one hand tied behind your back. Not an impossible task but it has the potential to become a problem. You could maintain it until you decide another solution is necessary.


If you choose to adopt it you can send an email to contact@geocache.com. To archive it, you can place a 'needs archived' note on the cache page. Or shoot an email to your local approver. Since you've placed some caches I'm assuming you know who that is.


My advice is to either adopt it, or archive and place your own cache.

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I'll email the contact@goecache.... and the local approving official guy and see what he says.. you know i think you may be right about this being the first cache in s korea... i mean it is labeled GC157 that leads me to believe that it may have been the 157th cache ever... am i right in assuming that?

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In most cases like this, I would strongly recommend adoption over simple archival/new cache. I mean, why place a new cache when there was already one there.


In this case... it's a little different. The cache was never found.


I'd post a "Needs Archived" log on the cache and simultaneously contact your local approver, or send an email to contact@geocaching.




edit: GC157 is not the 157th cache. 157 is in hexidecimal, and is 343 in decimal. This means it was about the 343th cache. I say about because the first few caches weren't necessarily ordered numerically.

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June 2, 2002 by B B & J (10 found)


Once we found the exact location we inspected every tree in a

15m circle around the site. No cache found.

After talking with the cache owner it sounds like we found

The correct place but this cache may be gone.


Sounds like it was confirmed gone back in '02.


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I've contacted my local approver and am now waiting an answer. Just to clear up alittle confusion that I feel is out here about this. I don't plan on making another cache. Just placing a new container/logbook/goodies (cache) at this location.

Right, but to do this properly you should have that cache archived, then place your own new one. You can certainly choose to use the same location, but it will be a totally new cache under your control. Things would work out much better that way.


Good luck!

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ok i now have "archived" the cache. I just did it from the menu where you can find/dnf etc.. so what i'm starting to realize is that if geocaching.com "archives" it... it will be taken off the site??? then i should just make an completely new cache with the original cords and then pretty much i'll have a new (my own) cache but with those original cords? can someone please explain.. i keep getting only half the story and i've never done this before.. am i on the right track?

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If and when gc.com archives the cache, it'll be gone from the website.


Go to the site with a cache container. Find a good spot to hide it (Leave it there). Take a good waypoint reading. Go home and create your own cache page. Hope for approval. That's about it.



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