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GPS Features??

Bear and Ting

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Ok...there are many of us out there who may argue this GPS model or manufactuer is better than that one. Well, we are not prejudiced. I bought a Garmin Etrex Legend to start playing this game, been using it since January and have been quite happy with it. Ting figured if we had two receivers, one would be better at weaker signals and averaging. She had been doing a little reading and found a great deal on Magellin Sport Pro. We set out this weekend using both.


One feature that she liked on my Etrex Legend that she cannot seem to find on her Sport Pro is navigation. Well, she does have it. Let me explain. When she says "Goto" a waypoint, it places a line on her map from the starting point to the end waypoint. The problem is, on my Etrex, the "start point" is my cursor. The line moves as we do, always changing the bearing and all. On her Magellin, the start point is stationary, no matter where we move, the line stays the same.


Our question is: How can we lock the start point so it tracks with the cursor?




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I thought I was a little off, then I looked at my GPS and discovered I accurate to 12 ft.


Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!

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My brother and law and I got into a debate over where a cache was at due to conflicting 'rubber band maps'. Stationary vs. Moving. He didn't yet know that his was stationary. Once we figured it out things were fine. Can't help your problem but I do think I'll email him this thread because I think he would like to do the same thing.

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AFAIK, tnat option is not available on the Sporttrak.


I have a Meridian Gold, and it's a feature I wish it had, but it doesn't. I'm making a guess that the the Sportrak doesn't have it either. I end up repeating my GOTO several times on my way to a waypoint.


Although I really, really like my Gold (especially with firmware 3.12), I think there are some serious omissions in some of the features, at least compared with some Garmin products.



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I have been disappointed with the way the goto feature worked on my sportrak. I had used my brother-in-laws GPS V and was used to the way the rubberband feature always extended from your current location. I notice that someone keeps repeating the goto whenever he wants to update his location and the line. I was wondering how well this works. Seems like a poor substitute for the way the Garmin works.

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