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Problem With Countries


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There appears to be a problem with the countries showing on the cache details pages. Caches in the "United Kingdom" are coming up as blank - eg this one. Caches in "Ireland" (whatever that means!) are showing as Éire, even if they're in Northern Ireland - eg this one. The country list on the home page still lists UK and Ireland.


Is this a prelude to a less ambiguous set of GC.com country names for the British Isles? (Hooray if so! :) ) "Ireland / Great Britain" (best!) or "Éire / United Kingdom" (less good) are both unambiguous ways of partitioning this set of rocks just off Europe. Whereas the previous pair of "Ireland / United Kingdom" (worst!) doesn't make it clear where caches in Northern Ireland should be listed. Or is it just a technical glitch (Boohoo if so! :blink: )




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