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  1. OK, after trying for half an hour to change this I give up. Please could someone explain: - which photo on the profile page is used for this new 75x75 image? - how, having uploaded a suitable 75x75 image, I can get it to appear in place of the squished image? Having asked that, what really was the point of this change? What value is there in displaying my avatar to me? And what value is there in all the log listings on the profile page saying "The White Family found...", The White Family placed...". It's my profile page: what else is it going to say? The previous "You found..." was perfectly adequate. This is just change for change's sake, which wouldn't be so bad if it actually worked: - cache pages cut off on the left - profile pages cut off on the left - double line spacing in logs - PQ preview not working These are basic things, which any amount of testing would have disclosed.
  2. Congratulations to Jeff and Pat for finding their 4000th cache today.
  3. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. And thanks again to Teasel for getting GeocacheUK up in time for us to review the ratings. We chose Pitcher Amphora. This is in the top 20 in the UK and is also quite close to us. We started the Pitch series 18 months ago but after an abysmal performance on Pitch 2 we put the rest of the series on hold until we - and Brambler - had recovered. Suitably refreshed we visited Pitch 3 (itself in the top 30) a couple of weeks ago and last Friday we did Pitcher Amphora. On a surprisingly pleasant December day we had a lovely walk and we can say that Pitcher Amphora is certainly a great cache, well worthy of a milestone. Thanks to Brambler for the challenging series.
  4. The best part of geocacheuk, in our view, is the cache rating system. We've used it to identify caches for many of our milestones and as we're now approaching our 3000th we're missing geocacheuk. So we're hoping to receive some suggestions on here for a cache that would make a great 3000th. Of course, everyone's idea of a great cache is different so you need to know what our requirements are. Firstly, it needs to be within a reasonable distance of home (Bracknell, Berkshire). We don't mind staying overnight, but further north than Brimingham or further west than Bristol are probably a bit too far. The cache type is unlikely to be a Trad. Probably a Multi, and possibly a Mystery but not one which has complex puzzles before you can get started. Puzzles on site are OK so long as they can be easily solved on site or with a quick Google. Difficulty and terrain are likely to be 4*/3.5* or greater. Obviously we can easily filter on these but D/T isn't the whole story. The cache must stand alone. That is, finding it mustn't depend on previously having found other caches or TBs (unless we've already found them, or they can quickly found on the same day/weekend). Special equipment requirements are fine, so long as it's evident from the cache page that special equipment is required (and we've got it). To give you an idea of the sort of caches we've found to be great, go here and look at the 1000th, 1500th, 2000th and 2500th. All suggestions gratefully received.
  5. Congratulations Lester on finding your 1000th cache
  6. Congratulations to you both on reaching 3000 finds
  7. Thank you all for the congratualtions and thank you to everyone who has placed caches for us to find. A special thanks to Pharisee for placing our 2000th cache. It's one of the top rated caches in the UK and we can see why - it's a vey well thought out cache that we thoroughly enjoyed doing and would recommend to everyone. A lot of effort must have gone in to placing it.
  8. Congratulations Paul on finding your 1000th cache
  9. Congratulations to third-degree-witch who found his 2000th cache yesterday.
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