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This is about the only method I can come up with to contact the approvers for the OK area. I submitted a cache last Sunday afternoon and besides the original email from the geocaching.com website, I've heard nothing. I can see that a cache submitted after mine has been approved..


I can think of a few reasons for the delay, but any ideas on my part are just guesses.


Does anyone have any ideals on how to contact the approvers, after a lenght of time. :lol:

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I sent you an email with the email address of the Oklahoma reviewer.


I peeked at your cache page and the reviewer had put it on hold, but I did not see a reviewer note. So he or she has looked at the cache page. Because it looks like it is a more complicated cache than the norm, it might just be taking him or her a little longer to review it. Plus the weekend holiday now could be slowing things down a bit. Also, with a more complicated cache, sometimes reviewers take care of the easy ones first and then go back to the harder caches.


It also is possible that they emailed you and a spam filter kicked the email out. A good test there is to see if you got my email. If you didn't, check your spam filters. If you did get mine, then use the address I sent you to contact the reviewer.


I hope this helps! Feel free to contact me if you have questions.


E Mouse

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