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Downloading Waypoints Via Usb Connection

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I have a 60CS, so your unit may be different, but the USB cable only communicates in the proprietary Garmin format. You can transfer dats through USB using one of Garmin's software products, such as Mapsource or the Trip and Waypoint Manager, but I have had no luck getting it to work in any other program (there may be a way, but I haven't had the unit long enough to have found one yet). One solution would be to use GSAK, GPSBabel, or EasyMPS to convert GPX or LOC files to Mapsource format. This works if you already have Mapsource or T&WM- I don't think these can be found for free though- even the T&WM software costs money if it didn't come packaged with a GPS. <_<


My recommendation is to get a serial transfer cable off of Ebay. They can be found for as little as $12.00 or less, and work in just about any program as long as you have a serial port or a serial->USB converter. I can send you a link to a round 4-pin cable that I've been pretty happy with if you're interested.

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Thank you all for the responses. I am making some progress I think. I do have MapSource and I did get EasyMPS. Now I have another problem. My home computer is CHANGING the file extensions during downloading of the waypoint files from geocaching.com. I know these are supposed to be .loc files, but when I receive them they are .aspx files. I think this is some sort of html file format? Does any body have any suggestions?


thanks again...

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