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  1. Not entirely true. Check out this link to learn more. http://www.snopes.com/critters/wild/longlegs.htm
  2. Former field EMT become Chiropractor and educator (teach EMT classess at Community college)
  3. We're still at 5 virtuals in one day. Loads of fun tho'.
  4. I just like to play hide and seek with my toy!
  5. Nitroglycerin tablets and spray act as a vasodialtor, which means that it causes your blood vessels to get bigger. This will cause a drop, sometimes a dramatic drop, in blood pressure, which can be dangerous or life threatening, depending on the persons condition. Mostly, nitro is prescribed for angina, which is chest pain usually brought on by exertion (caching and bushwhacking?), but is relieved by rest. If chest pain persists for more than a few minutes, it may be more serious. In any case, if it is someone's first episode of chest pain, 911 as soon as possible is always a safe bet. Also, if someone is taking medications for ED such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, (not implying anything JohnnyVegas ) giving them nitro is definitely not the thing to do. People can and do die from that interaction.
  6. And that my friend, is a decision that I hope no no one ever has to make. As for me, if I had to make it, knowing what I know, and if I had the epi-pen with me, I would probably do it as well.
  7. As an EMT and a D.C., I urge caution when dealing with prescription meds. First, giving prescription medication to someone they are not prescibed to may open you up to practicing medicine without a license. Second, due to the huge amount of pharmaceuticals, there are many drug interactions that even doctors don't realize. Your best source to find out if there are possible interactions between prescription meds, OTC meds, and supplements, is your phamacist. There are many OTC analgesics and anti-inflammatories available without going the RX route. As far a using anything to help someone else, especially someone you may not know well, make sure to use personal protective equipment such as gloves and if you need to do rescue breathing, a pocket mask or face shield is a must. Also, remember that the Good Samaritan Laws only protect you based on what "a reasonable person with similar training" would do. Laws vary by state so find out what yours says, and as I tell my students, the law doesn't keep you from getting sued, just from being found negligent, unless you were! The best advice so far in this thread is take a class in first aid.
  8. I have to agree that cooperating with the police is a good thing. As long as what you are doing is legal, you have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time. If what you are doing is illegal, feel free to argue and fight with the officer. Makes the justification for arrest that much clearer. Now, that said, my brother is a cop in Albuquerque, and he gave me this advice. If you happen to get a cop with a badge bigger than his head, or one with an attitude (LE doesn't get attitudes ), ask politely "Am I free to go?" If they start giving you the lines of "why do you want to leave, we're just talking" or "Don't you want to talk to me" or some such, ask again. If they say no, or continue stalling, you then just: SHUT UP and LAWYER UP!
  9. moopgroop

    Which Palm?

    I see said the blind carpenter. To his deaf wife. Over the phone. As he picked up his hammer and saw.
  10. moopgroop

    Which Palm?

    I may be wrong, but if your GPS has USB, I think you can use at least some of these because the Tungsten E has a miniUSB port on it. And AMEN to a hard case. I had to replace my Vx due to a broken screen, way after the warranty expired, but it is usually not cost effective to replace the display.
  11. That would be methylprednisone. Edit - had to fix the spelling.
  12. moopgroop


    You are wrong leatherbrain. I did NOT buy the megellan! Edit: magellan - hey, i didn't spell well in school either
  13. moopgroop


    Went to Cabelas and looked at both mfrs. Got permission to go outside with a Platinum and a 60CS. The 60 got satellite lock first and had a smaller +/- error the entire time. The 60 was more intuitive for me to use. Guess which one I bought!
  14. 60CS since June 04. Coolest thing since pre-mix PBJ
  15. Getting over it myself right now. If I look at poison *** (fill in your choice) wrong, I get it. I have found Rhuli gel by Band-Aid does a great job on the itch, and this time I got a topical steroid called Triamcinolone Cream .5% (via prescription). It is pretty strong stuff so unless you are having a bad reaction or are severely sensitive, you might want to try one of the less concentrated strengths.
  16. Our prayers are with his family and friends.
  17. From somewhere in the fountain of useless information I call a brain, the thought "DEET is a repellant" popped up. I can't remember where I learned/heard it but it was probably in organic or biochemistry somewhere along the way. (I tried to forget most of that stuff after boards!)
  18. How about leaving bent pens? I use them in my practice and people go nuts over them. Only possible problem is they have my office address and phone number. If I trade those, does it become commercial?
  19. Back when I rode an ambulance we had rechargable streamlights in the units. I personally carried )and still do) two pelican lights, a AA and a AAA model. They both throw great light. I can verify the customer service of pelican. They have a lifetime warranty and my dog ate one of my lights; they replaced it, no questions.
  20. One of my friends graduated from CU in Boulder. He was also stationed in East Berlin when the wall was up. I think it is telling that when asked what he thought of Boulder as a place to live, he said "they ought to rename it the People's Republic of Boulder and put up a wall."
  21. I teach at a community college (one of my jobs to pay for this hobby ), and these types of classes are called continuing ed or adult ed classes here. They are ususally for information and fun and carry no college credit. An instructor here, depending on level of education, would get between $25 and $40 per contact hour. I think it's great to see a class like this offered for those who may not want to buy books or pore through hundreds of internet posts. May even look into trying to get it offered at our school next spring so I could take it. Of course, I get free tuition . Happy Trails
  22. 1. the only way to check how much memory is used is to use MapSource. 2. How are you deleting an area off the GPS? 3. Anytime you download maps, you erase what's there. If you have 5 areas loaded and you want 6, then select all 6 and re-load it to the GPS. 2. Wasn't sure if you COULD delete maps or not. 3. That's what I kind of thought after playing with it a while. Thanks for verifying it. Thanks to all for the valuable info. Makes it much easier on tech challenged newbies!
  23. I went with the 60cs over the 76 because of size. I went with Garmin instead of Magellan because of the display, autorouting, what I consider to be the ease of use, a friend who has used GPSr's for a long time said "Magellan pretty much started the product line, but Garmin has taken and run with it" and finally because they are a local company.
  24. I bought the auto nav kit from jjielectronics. The beanbag mount works great for me. The only problem was I paid for 2nd day air shipping and it actually took 6 days. UPS and jji are playing the blame game but at least I got the stuff.
  25. Appears to be a bit different question. Looks like TheRevalator took your advice on EasyGPS but it doesn't allow direct USB transfer either.
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