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My First Cache In Ottawa


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Thanks for setting up the cache along the Remic Rapids. It is an area that I mountain bike by a couple of times a week. I found your cache this afternoon while heading out to locate another cache.


BTW I didn't need long pants as I darted over the long grass.


Many thanks,



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Congratulation for your FTF. I suggested long pants because there’s some poison ivy in the area.




Your brute force approach is possible, but it will take longer than using the GPS. There are a few multi-trunked trees in the area and the tall grass section is fairly large :lol:



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:lol: I haven't looked for this one and likely wouldn't for a very log time as it's not anywhere near my usual "trail" so to speak. That being said I went ahead a read it knowing it wouldn't make a difference to me. Though I am sorry if I ruined it for others ... I should have thought before saying what I did ... my bad


However at the same time if people weren't expected to use the hints then they wouldn't have been implemented in the first place. If you choose not to use them good for you. If some people do use them then good for them. If you have a problem with hints being posted or people using hints perhaps you should suggest to the cache owners (there are only a few thousand of them) that they have people email them for hints and then head on over to the gc website forum and ask that they remove the hint feature from the site. But that's your choice, I wouldn't want to judge your methodology/preferences without knowing you.


I suppose you think that cachers also shouldn't view the "Gallery" before finding the cache? Perhaps you should request that the "Gallery" only be viewable to people who have found the cache because then no one would see any spoilers before heading out.


To each their own dude. You do it your way. Other's will do it their way. And I'll do it my way. And none of us should have to care what the other thinks or prefers. "Judge not, lest ye be judged."


Edit: If your point was covered by my first paragraph then please excuse my rant, I'm in a bit of a bad mood right now.



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