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  1. No I don't have any. I will take some when I make my next coin. I use soap stone for the mold.
  2. A picture of the back of the coin:
  3. The coin with the cat is made by res2100. You can get more info at: http://home.cogeco.ca/~rschuessele/gc10000/GC10000.htm for more details.
  4. For the Go And Get Emm #11 in Ottawa, I made the following coin to go with my cache: GAG 11 - Halloween 2007: The Great Pumpkin The coins are hand made from lead free pewter. I added some semi transparent paint in the eyes and mouth. I only casted 30 of them. In the second picture, I have my coin next to a 1.5 in coin to give you an idea of the size. A lot of them were released during the event. I have seven available for trades. I am looking for the following coins: Yawp (Tiki) Lord Pomsby (Tiki) King Mojo (Tiki) Bikki Bikki (Tiki) Great Geo-Pumpkin Vampire Mummies and Geoghost Walpurgis Night 2006
  5. I do not have any idea how the coin will look like. At this point I am interested to know if enough people would be interested to do it. I am looking at a production run of 100. 50 for sell and 50 to trade.
  6. I really enjoyed the Sunshinegang spread the sunshine operation. It was fun to acquire a coin from them and get it to travel from caches to caches until I retrieved it in a cache close to home. TB127H1 made it safely to home in a relatively short period of time. I am starting to plan for a new geocoin. The only 2 ways to obtain it would be: 1) To purchase it. You activate it and I release it close to home. You chose the objective (like the Sunshinegang operation). 2) Or we trade. We both activate the coins (you activate one of my coin and I activate one of your coin) and release them in the wild. You choose the objective of the coin you activate and I chose the objective of the coin I activate. I am curious to see how many people would be interested to do it.
  7. They look very good. I would be interested to trade one for one of my pewter signature coins.
  8. I would like to have one too. Looks very good
  9. My coin California Micro #2 TBYNDX is now in South Africa
  10. Don't forget my lost cacher coin Lost Cacher coin
  11. I received my order this week. The silver and gold version is spectacular. I love it a lot
  12. Cool design. I would love to get one but the extra $7.95 for shipping outside the US turned me off. It only cost a few more cents to ship it to Canada
  13. Today I dropped many postcards that were in the Ottawa East Geopost office to the one close to Trois-Rivieres GCW4DK. If anybody is traveling to the maritimes and is interested to play the mailman, it is your opportunity
  14. I am interested to get one too if you still have some.
  15. JFandC

    5¢ Coin

    I can send you one of my home made pewter tokens
  16. Thanks, Someone gave me a very long ride
  17. Hi, I am done with the red coins but still have some white one for trades. A message to the 501 Gang. I received your 2 e-mails and sent you replies (used the e-mail address on your GC.com profile page). Please send me an other message with youe e-mail in the message. I hope it will work this time.
  18. All the coins have been mailed today. Enjoy Thank you for all the purchases and trades.
  19. Hi, I am almost ready to ship the coins. Tomorrow I will go to the post office. All the coins are bubble wrap inside tyvek envelopes. Only 2 people didn't paid the invoices and I am missing the mailing address for a trade (sent e-mail). I will be away from the 10th to the 17th without Internet. Hopefully, I will get all the info tomorrow.
  20. To the best of my knowledge, I replied to everybody for sell and trades. If you didn't received an invoice or mail please contact me on GC.com. Thank you to everybody
  21. Sold out. I sent all Paypal invoices. I only have problems with 1 invoice for Quoddy. I sent you an e-mail. I will contact everybody that sent me e-mail regarding trades tonight.
  22. There are 5 coins still available to buy. I sent the invoices. I encountered problems with 3 of them. If you didn't received an invoice please contact through my GC.com profile. I will send them tomorrow night.
  23. Thank you to everybody that sent me messages. Later tonight I will send Paypal invoices. Tomorrow I will contact everybody regarding the trades. I will ship everything this weekend. Thanks for your patience.
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