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Cache In The Lakes


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Hi all,

I am going to the lakes this weekend to hide a cache with lots of goodies but just require some tips on where best to place it, top/bottom or mid way (grand old duke of York jokes not required!!) and I dont want to use cairns and I certainly don't walk any old hiker to stumble upon it while taking a break (you know what I mean eugh!) so fire away with your tips then when I am done I will log it


Izzardno1 B)

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Hi Izzardno1,


Welcome to the concept of quickly losing your sanity!


My best advice would be to make sure that you have read all the guidelines about cache placement before you go.


I would especially recommend you to check out the one about vacation caches and cache maintenance, you need to be prepared to assure Lactodorum or myself that either you, or a friend or relation, can maintain the cache, and if required, are able to act fairly quickly. As a farily rough and ready rule of thumb we tend to ask for that reassurance if the cache is more than 50ish miles from your home location.


All the best,


Cheers and Cache Well,



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Cheers for that tip

The cache will be pretty much self sufficient for the first few finds as it has got plenty of goodies stashed ready for trades and the notepad is pretty thick but I do plenty of fell walking on a regular basis so it will be well maintained. B)

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