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Routing On Gpmsmap60c

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How do I persuade my new GPSMAP60C to "route following roads". I've bought the v6 Europe City Navigator which, on the PC, produces lovely routes with detailed segment and turn instructions. When I download these to the GPSMAP and try to Navigate it always comes up "No roads near startpoint". I've tried changing some of the ROUTES settings like the off-road to on-road transition but I can't find a setting which helps in this situation?

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;) I think you have come across the same problem I have with the Metro guides. The software will route on the PC, producing useless routs with only a start and end points. Unfortunately the only products that appear to AutoRoute on the 60C/CS are the Canadian Metroguide (go figure) and the City Select product line.


I've written a few times to Garmin to advise them they could use an information matrix to show what software product routes on which GPS unit.


It would not be so bad if the PC software could convert the AutoRoute’s from the PC into some multi way point arrangement that could be uploaded. I asked Garmin about this, and all they sugested was to buy more maps. I guess at the end of the day they are a business after all... :(

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Thanks everyone for the ideas. Yes I have downloaded necessary map segments to the GPS, I see the same detail as on the PC. I'm confused because the PC builds a wonderfully detailed route with "186 metres down my road, turn left, 347 metres etc." but the GPS stubbornly says "No roads near start point"!?!

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