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This is one of the places I roamed as a youth.

It was one of the places we could never quite get to,

you'll understand when you read the description of how they got to it.


I wish I was 20 again,I'd go for it.

You Adventure seekers could go for it.

Let me know if you go I would love to be a part of a recovery team.




The Triangulation Station Big Hatchet is under it.


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If I ever go to Arizona to visit my brother in law I'll consider going after those benchmarks. Those are the kind I like to search for. It looks like they are more difficult to get to then any I've found up to now though.

Let me know when you go.

This would be very interesting.

My Grandfather told me a story about the top of this Mountian.

It is what a Geologist told him about some special composition in the rock formations of this and another site nearby.

My Grandfather was into minerology,gold,silver,copper and any other materials the Earth possed that was used and could be made into profitable buisness adventure(s).

He prospered very well.

He was also born West of here In Arizona,an Apache Indian.

His first vehicle was not a car when he found the several parts to several pieces of model A's,he drug parts with his Horse and put the several different pieces from miles apart together.

He sold it to a man who was amazed that he could do it and bought him one that was already put together,I guess thats why later in his life he had a car junk yard.

Where during the depression he sold a (GEO)traveler his last inner tube(being war time)rations were on.It had 103 pathces in it and he had it as a joke at the door over the junk yard,the (GEO)traveler needing to get to L.A. gave him $30.00 for it.

A major sum during this time.


So I guess I am saying that this (GEO*)traveler would like to get back there one of these days,I know it would be well worth it.

But be VERY Prepared to go here.

A Major Planning is involved to accomplish this task,it is Hot in the Summer so cool weather is a must.thats just a start.......Always take a buddy or two.or more.


And please let me know if you go................



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Why was this a place you couldn't quite get to when you were a kid? Was it too far away? Was the road too rough? Or are there no non-technical routes to the top?


I'm increasingly interested in this benchmark, and I think I'd be interested in a recovery trip. It'll be a few months, though; it's probably still way too hot and dry down there.

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Have you ever been out in the Desert around there,then try to climb to the top of the mountian,even when cool.

It is a pretty good ways out there,then you have a good hike to get anywhere close.

Then you have to be in good shape to climb to the top.

Then you have to search out the mark and them climb back down.

Another thing is you will probably be stopped by Immigration and or the Drug Interdiction crew.

I think that is why they took the Helicopter.


I have been stopped out there at gunpoint as well.

It is just not a real good geocaching enviroment.

That's why I want to go back. :o

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I've been hiking in and around Carlsbad and Silver City, but neither of them really rank, I suspect. I'd probably want to get in one preparatory hiking trip down there before heading off into the backcountry.


Picked up the Big Hatchet Peak quad and Animas BLM maps today. I've found another geocacher in the Santa Fe area who is interested in going. I'm starting to think about doing this in somewhat concrete terms.

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I wanted to add this, too while it's on my mind: the only route description I've found so far comes from Backpacker Magazine's website. The link is here; here's the operative quote:


From the mouth of Thompson Canyon, backpack 4 miles southwest, up that canyon's deteriorating dirt road (part of the CDT). Another 3 miles of off-trail travel, first ascending west, and then scrambling north on the summit ridge.


As I read it that's fourteen miles, at least, which in my dotage is kind of a long day for me under ideal conditions.

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Now you see why.

It would probably take a 2 day excursion.

I have Geocaching friends,and other friends all around Deming,Silver City,Pinos Altos(my old Stomping grounds)and still where the gold is.....but that is another adventure.

I graduated High School in Deming.

I know the area's very well.

One of My Favorite Climbs when younger was the King and Queens Crown,up north in the Gila Wilderness.


edit spelling could not get la tilde sobre la n.




add..................Hey we could make ths a Benchmark Event and have a great time.

Now if We could just borrow the helicopter to place a cache before we go.

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Thanks for the picture. That doesn't look so fearsome. I was afraid it was going to look like some of the Organs near Las Cruces -- sharp pointy things with vertical sides. If I read the picure correctly, it looks more like some of the mountains (Madgalenas?) near the Texas line to the east -- uplifts of coral or some other none-too-hard stuff that may be fine for scrambling but wouldn't be much fun for climbing.


Do the trees and scrub go all the way to the top? In the picture they look like they do.

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It is still a decieving photo.

The face that your are looking at in the photo are really bluffs kinda like the the one's in Las Cruces the Organ Mnts.

I did get to meet a Border Patrol agent loco_51 now,after hearing what we were attempting he joined geocaching that day,he was there when I took the photo's.

And is going to get the other BP's there to set a 5-5 cache at the benchmark.


Yes the cactus turns to scrub brush,all the way up.


The Border Patrol said there is a new trail being built up closer to the peak,and that he would love to help put on an event.

I have talked to my friends in New Mexico and they are willing to help in an event as well.


I seen Hydee said lets think BIGin one of her posts.

Why not have a

The First Ever Grand Benchmark Hunt Extravaganza?

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